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The Face Behind The Name! V2

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14 hours ago, Sentinel-Wraith said:

I was actually trekking in the Enchantments Wilderness in that photo. I hear people do cross country skiing out there.

What's the appeal in cross country skiing? Like, from what I've seen you just spend so much time walking.

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On 2018-01-14 at 10:59 AM, Nakak said:

Probably at risk of being made sfun of, but here goes nothing! 😄 I love warframe a lot.

No one is going to make fun of you here. ^.^


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Image removed per posters request
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10 hours ago, BloodKitten said:

been helping with dogs for the last 3 months, so, guess i'll add those here (i cant remember wich page was my last comment x.x)


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my friend just had to take a picture after being licked....




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at the office befor a meeting.







either you a very small, or that dog is very big (yesh, big and fluffy dog)

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10 hours ago, Bibliothekar said:

I gotta ask, has this actually worked on anyone yet? :P

(Maybe I'll post a pic after getting a haircut. Yes, it is time, Onkko.)


But tbh, most of the people I do that to I'm already friends with in some capacity and know I'm being a dork. 

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