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The Face Behind The Name! V2

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1 hour ago, BenzinNinJa said:

Don't worry Mag-pie, here's before and after pictures of me and my Fiancee went to a haunted house here in little old Denmark.
She plays as well, but she's not on the forums.

Warning, after picture is a bit graphical!

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You guys look like you had fun!

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17 minutes ago, Gamma745 said:

And it all started by a little prodding from our Maggie, our little corrupter.

Well, what can I say.  Spend years farming in the Void, you're bound to bring a little something something back with ya.

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2 hours ago, (PS4)abbacephas said:

0/10. Not Wukong. Much disappointment.

That's because I'm Wukong. :clem:

Do you really think I'd wear a jumper with a picture of myself on it? How narcissistic do you think I a... No wait, that's a great idea. I totally need that.

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