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The Face Behind The Name! V2

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Thats how really ash locks like.




and thats how ash looks like after have been bitten for some infested








(its the same face for the drugs...)

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The only picture I have is my Facebook profile pic, which is me doing a bad duckface selfie with peace sign. 


I don't want to lose what is left of my dignity, and the respect of the good people here.

S#&$, I'll do it!




I hate that picture, but I can't help but laugh when I look at it. My beard is so patchy and I can't grow a proper one to save my life and that just makes it funnier.



Joking around aside, somewhat serious picture I took with my crappy webcam earlier this year:




I like that one; It kind of has a "what's up, ladies? c;<" kind of look to it. My fiancee found it hilarious.

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Well since it's 2014 I might as well post some new pics \owo/


With makeup:


(It's barely noticeable; I don't wear too much makeup xD)


Without makeup:



My first try on those collage thingies the girls in my age group do:


Yes I'm a bit chubby ;-;


Sammeh goofing off: \owo/


Me with the tools I use to draw: my good ol' mechanical pencil, an awesome twin-tip marker, rubber eraser stolen borrowed from my pal tjssas, a sketch pad and the rusty but trusty mouse. I dun have tablet.



... I'm fangirling over Darvo's wiki page :P



... I have no idea anymore.



Old pic from 2013:


Found a decent selfie.

-scurries away-


If you notice, the walls of our house are white. It's because I am an asylum escapee and the white walls reminds me of home we ran out of budget for paint xD


... I didn't notice my eyebags were getting bigger o.o

I'm probably one of the first few girls to post here ;w;


Hid my pics because I am HIDEOUS.

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Really? Who? owo

Another Samantha. :D


No, I'm serious. There is another Samantha with a face similar to this, since I was in Grade School...



Which I literally scraped my pen on her arm by accident.

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Cleaner than a person's teeth after a visit to the dentist.

Please follow the thread rules everyone!

Wow, such clean, much sparkle, wow


You need to stop with the doge. It used to be funny before everyone and their mum started doing it. Now its just lame and pretty much anyone who uses it like you is probably 10 years old and thinks its funny.

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