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Update 11.3.0


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  • Tenno Reinforcement: The Penta! A Corpus Grenade Launcher enters the Tenno Arsenal!


Network Bandwidth Optimizations are here!

Systemic Invasions 1.0 is live!

  • Grineer & Corpus now periodically attack star chart nodes owned by opposing factions; if successful, battlefront moves to an adjacent node, otherwise faction "rests" before attacking another node
  • The Infested now truly infest! The faction has vacated the Star Chart and now exists as an Invasion faction! Keep your eyes peeled for signs of Infested threats – they’ll strike hard.
  • Infestation "outbreaks" will occur at random, with a downtime of 12 – 36 hours between attacks. When a node is under Infested threat, battlefront aggressively moves to all adjacent nodes if invasion isn't successfully defended within a matter of hours. Outbreaks continue to spread until reaching a boss node, which leads to Phorid appearing and occupying that boss's node until the invasion is defeated!
  • This system is a new dynamic we’re trying out and will be standing by for feedback/suggestions accordingly.


  • Weapon changes:
  • Buffed Grakata - Higher Proc/Crit chance. Higher damage (9 to 11)
  • Buffed Boltor - Projectile flies faster, Upped damage (18 - 25), Higher Crit chance
  • Buffed Bolto, Slightly more damage, more crit, projectile speed increase
  • Damage and range buff for Tigris - 35-45 per pellet, firing mechanic has pretty hard draw back. - so this thing needs to hit like a truck! (Scott’s Words!)
  • Lanka, puncture by default (5m)
  • Weak Energy projectile for Lanka, you can now shoot before weapon is fully charged (although a weaker shot).
  • Magnum reload time tweak.
  • Heat Dagger and Dual Heat Swords now deal Fire damage with Charge Attacks and Ground Slams
  • Amphis now deals Electricity damage on Ground Slams

Changes to Sentinel XP distribution:

Based on reports and experiences with slow-ranking Sentinels, we have changed the way Experience is distributed amongst your feisty friends.


  • Sentinel kills would split experience between your Sentinel’s weapon and your Warframe, so your Sentinel itself would miss out on experience.
  • Weapon kills would split evenly between your Warframe and your Weapon (50% each), then a 42% bonus chunk of experience would be given to the Sentinel and its weapon (21% each). Note that the total XP earned was 142% of what you saw on the screen – now it will be 200%.


  • Regular weapon kills divide experience evenly between your weapon and your Warframe (50% each).
  • Kills using a Warframe ability give all the experience to the Warframe (as before).
  • Sentinel weapon kills divide experience evenly between your Sentinel and its weapon (50% each).
  • Kills using a precept give all the experience to your Sentinel (as before).
  • Experience from other players (shared experience) is split evenly amongst your gear as follows: a quarter goes to your Warframe and a quarter goes to each of your weapons (25% each). If you have a sentinel equipped, a 100% bonus chunk of experience is split evenly between your Sentinel and its weapon (50% each).

  • Clan Trading Tax option is live! For more information, see our FAQ: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/132826-trading-guidefaq/
  • Dojo flags now show Clan emblem
  • All enemy resistances have been expanded. More resistance types have been added with a redistribution of damage types among enemies.
  • Lotus 2.0! Lotus has recently had a major overhaul. Most of her lines have been re-recorded and now sound more consistent across the entire game. Lotus now uses a brand new DSP system to playback her audio files. Her voice has a more dynamic sound that makes use of some digital audio randomization so her voice effect will sound slightly different every time it plays.
  • Changed Capture targets voices. There are now 2 different voices for each of the Corpus and Grineer factions. They now speak as you chase them/capture them.
  • Elemental procs now also deal damage scaled to the weapon you are using.
  • Conclave values added for Bane of Corpus, Bane of Grineer, Band of Infested, Expel Corpus, Expel Grineer, Expel Infested, Smite Corpus, Smite Grineer, Smite Infested
  • Seer Reload sound changed.
  • Ember’s World on Fire effects overhaul.
  • Changed mini-map style, included indication of visited areas and areas yet to be discovered in mission.
  • Changed how often bullet based hit effect sounds can be played – no more than 4 instances per second.
  • Changed organization and layout of Market. Gear is now a subcategory of Equipment.
  • Changed bleeding proc/status effect to be much more visible.
  • Valkyr’s Ripline is now more violent on AI.
  • Redirection mod now remains in the player’s inventory after completing the tutorial.
  • Elemental effects hooked up to muzzle flashes on firearms.
  • Edge lights on Gram now respect the chosen color for Energy.
  • Damage 2.0 effects hooked up to the Mire.
  • Updated effects on Nyx’s Mind Control ability.
  • Stalker should be smarter about picking travel points to approach the targeted player.
  • Melee weapons now use Attack Speed instead of Fire Rate in UI.
  • Boss flow cinematic tweaks:
    • When a boss cutscene plays, the game session is changed to PRIVATE so other players cannot join the game in between boss fights until the end of game.
    • Upon beating the boss, additional enemies will stop spawning until at least one player has moved to a new zone.
  • Changes to guild roles:
    • Must have the Treasurer role to use vault resources to contribute to Dojo rooms/decos (previously needed the Architect role).
    • Must have the Treasurer role to change "Clan Trade Tax Rate"
    • Must have the Tech role to start R&D projects (previously anyone could do this).
  • Lephantis balancing, melee head lunge attack once again knocks down target.
  • Resource Drone tab added to inventory screen.
  • When placing a decoration in the Dojo, you now see how the deco will look when completed (or the red material override when it can’t be placed). Once placed, it switches to the yellow “in construction” material.
  • Reduced the effects during Hysteria.
  • Localization updates for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese.


  • Fixed random music issues. In-game music now plays at more appropriate intervals and respects the number of AI in proximity to the player.
  • Fixed issues with pickups being slow and stuttery. They will no longer pop-out old-timey 1900’s movie fashion.
  • Fixed Cernos not playing firing sound.
  • Fixed a number of lines incorrectly referencing “ships” while on planets, general re-writing of some lines.
  • Fixed issues with Grineer Assassinate alerts not having Grineer bosses to fight.
  • Fixed scarves not always getting the correct material.
  • Fixed if a host migration happens while a player has the edit decoration tool active in a Dojo, the tool will stop functioning.
  • Fixed issue where players would see a blank grey portal in connecting pieces of the Corpus Ship Tiles.
  • Fixed progression stopper caused if the capture context action is activated by more than one player.
  • Fixed projectile embedded damage and radial damage not being affected by damage mods.
  • Fixed script error with items lists that have scrolls.
  • Fixed star chart accepting input while alert popup is on screen.
  • Fixed dropped loot sometimes going through platform above player and never dropping down to gameplay space.
  • Fixed scrolling through available profile icons sometimes causing UI to hang.
  • Fixed crashes in Dojo when aiming at a friend.
  • Fixed Player getting stuck on a loading screen if they attempt to load in to the PVP Jupiter Conclave.
  • Fixed Torid not gaining bonuses from elemental mods.
  • Fixed player unable to melee while wormhole power is active.
  • Fixed arrow impaling Warframe’s forearm when kneeling in the menu/dojo.
  • Fixed “power in use” appearing when attempting to cast wormhole while it is already active.
  • Fixed issue on Elara in vent room where players can’t advance due to blocked path
  • Various fixes and improvements to in game VOIP.
  • Fixed issues with throwing direction associated with Vauban’s powers.
  • Fixed inconsistent style and casing in Social Menu.
  • Fixed Resource Drone being disabled in regions that are not unlocked.
  • Fixed issue where pickups would get stuck hovering in air.
  • Fixed the enemy speed debuff on Valkyr's Warcry ability, so that it is now affected by Ability Mods.
  • Fixed issues where Nova’s Molecular Prime would cause enemies to dissolve then reappear as ragdolls.
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Corrected Phorid to Torid
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Woo, dat grenade launcher!


Edit: After finding out about all the hidden changes in this patch, and some of the utter BS going on, I retract my previous statement, the Grenade Launcher is not enough, and even that itself is not working correctly. Getting rid of the currently existing infested nodes was a bad idea too. Thanks for the bugfixes, and some of the "buffs", but if the damage system itself is jank, no amount of balancing is going to make weapons desirable.

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