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Hotfix 11.3.2


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Infested invasions is a cool idea but we still need a good permanent infested defense, mobile defense, and survival. Writing off the best gametypes for an entire faction is just nonsense.

The issue I am running into is most players only want to stay 5 mins on a survival now and/or wave 5 on defends. It only takes 1 troll to activate the oxygen and force and "early" extraction even if the other 3 want to stay longer. 


On defend missions, one person can vote to leave without impacting those wanting to stay longer.


SUGGESTION: Add a mission queuing feature that lets you choose "5 (waves/mins) and go", 15+, 30+ etc. for better grouping. One possibility is to let the host select this before loading in and only players that are looking for that option join.

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  • Armour resistances don’t make enemies entirely immune to damage.

What the hell happens with grineer armor? My modded Brakk has these stats: Impact 604.8; Puncture 537.6; Slash 403.2; Blast 1747.2. But it deals only about 6-8 damage per pellet to 40 lvl Corrupted Heavy Gunners and Lancers (when I shoot in body). When I shoot in head it's about 40-45 damage per pellet...

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   I actually really like it this way, it makes the game much more dynamic, now what I would like to see is the infested drop Mutagen samples again. Also the reward from their missions are great and is there any plan on updating Phorid like making it a big awesome ancient monster or a hideous combination of a bunch of infested Grineer?

Dynamic=Low level Infested Defense?


Pardon me, but didn't we have the option to do higher level defense/survival/exterminate/anything else before the invasion change? I just think it's not quite as great as people think it is.

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First I wanna say, that everyone (especially the people spazzing out) has to remember that the game is in beta, there are going to be lots of changes over time, both drastic and not so drastic and that nothing changed is guaranteed final and you should be ready to expect these changes throughout your time playing the game.


I strongly agree with giving the Infested back their own planet or two, Infested missions are hella fun. Also, the percentage that infested invasions are defeated should be sped up to only last like 2 days, as it looks like some of them are gonna last more than 2 days (it seems like this rate is also dependant on how many people play the level, so maybe tweak that). I also think that Infested Invasions should have their own components drop different from the planet they are invading.

Also agreed is that playing an invasion mission 5 times is too much for the reward, should be 3 or 4. The Invasion nodes should also say what type of mission that invasion is.

Also I think you guys at DE need to get your priorities straight and don't make ANY aesthetic or mechanic changes for a while and just focus on bug fixes and arsenal fixes and changes, at least for the next few updates. If any kind of mechanic should be changed sooner rather then later, it should be the damage table so that players don't spend tons of plat and credits on builds.

But, if i could, I would make a few simple suggestions for changes to the Damage Table for it to make more sense (because infested taking extra damage from gas and robotics taking extra damage from radiation makes no sense, among others):

Flesh:                                      Infested:                            Robotic:
Gas changed to 0                     Impact changed to 0           Radiation changed to 0

Magnetic changed to -50%       Slash changed to +50%      Corrosive/Magnetic changed to +50%

Viral changed to 0                    Gas changed to 0

Radiation changed to +50%     Blast changed to +75%

                                                 Heat changed to +50%

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after playing the new system a while here are my thoughts :


-) No infested suvival anymore (fix position not random infested ...)
   ? Was my favorite.

   Played 90% of time only that mode. (yes sometimes in nightmare :)  )

+) weapon now shows different fire animations depending on damage type

-) the firetype does not use energy color

-) it is NOT fun to play every mission FIVE times for ONE reward.

-) its NOT fun to wait for the reward in "mail" form

-) its NOT fun to not know the mission type before starting it.

-) its not FUN to play the new infestion survival because all people

   leave after 5 minutes because you must play it FIVE times ....

-) the new infestion levels lag like hell for me.

-) the new ember effect makes it hard to see the range affected

-) the new minimap does not look like the rest of the game

-) infestion blocks planets needet to reach other planets not unlocked now.

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Dear DE,

 I have some polite suggestions. If you are going to "balance" something tell us lore wise why you are doing it. For instance the grineer being strong versus magnetic violates our understanding of magnetism and metal, but if there is a lore reason that, generally speaking of course,would help us understand why you are doing what you are doing, Might I also recommend, pardon me if I have some how missed it, putting up a damage chart somewhere so that we can see what these new changes are. We know you are testing something so show us, at least include the design council so we  can give you feedback or help disseminate information. The physical damage right now needs to be revamped. The Physical damage mods are all but pointless. We went from physical damage mods that added 90% of something, game changing, down to at best 60% of not doing much. Since the physical procs on these elements are not game changing like a headshot crit. Generally these mods are not worth the mod slot if you can add a 90% extra on something. Please look there first. On the topic of damage calculations, all special status should have a higher proc percentage, double or better, but shields nullifies, barring magnetic, puncture, electric, and whatever else would be considered shield penetrating. This way procs could be more useful and we wouldn't feel like our mods slots are being wasted. As of right now very few people would even touch those status% increase mods, 15% increase on 5% chance is not very much. Someone else mentioned it, and I don't remember who and at this point I am too lazy to look it up, add a special slot on warframes for resistances, this alleviates the pointlessness of a 15% resistance mod to a single type of damage and gives us something that feels value added. We like our weapons. We want to invest in our weapons. Getting us to invest in our weapons will make you money. I suggest not doing stuff that makes our investments feel wasted. Here are some for instances: don't bring out a dual weapon version of something unless you tell us at the same time you bring out the single, unless you give us something to reclaim formas and catalyst, or you carry over the traits of the single to the double formas catalysts and such,  I personally would like some system to reclaim stuff, maybe only once, maybe requiring you to destroy the weapon and receive no credit value, or maybe even destroying the weapon and  costing credits.  We would be more willing to invest in stuff it we felt like we were going to be able to keep the value of what we purchase. Here is a for example. I go out and by a disc based game. I can use it and at no point does it become invalid and I have to buy it again. Melee weapons need some work, with an elemental system that seems bizarre, and really hard to find damage increases to physical damage types, baring a few exceptions, melee is mostly pointless. I know you are working on something for that, but I am letting you know, that right now with all these changes and weird inconsistencies in mods for melee, melee is not fun.

Thanks in advance,


Sir Proper

The Gentleman Adventurer, Maximizer of the minimum, promoter of Queensbury rules, and profiteer


P.S. I shall include addendums if there are other concerns that I come across.


Edit: The chap above me had some great points and I wished to add them as well.

Infested Io and Xini were most of the time what I wanted to play. I like the new layout of Io, but I want infested in it. Not demanding but stating my feelings. I miss being able to color my ignis. I would prefer to have that restored or some option to switch between what colors it, but I do like that the animation changes due to type of damage. Please let me decide the color for that effect though. The infestations are a fun event, but either the rewards need to be better or a different metric for participation needs to be applied. For instance if people go to wave 25 count it as they have done 5 of the missions.

The waiting for mission rewards when they aren't that spectacular, not so fun. There really needs to be some way to provide incentive to staying. I also strongly agree that it is not fun in the slightest to go in blind to a mission type, as I change my loadouts when prepping for different missions.

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Try killing alad V and zanuka now.

With the armor boost, you need around 1000 rounds with 5 polarity soma inorder to kill the bastard while hes shields are down. You are dealing less then 10% of the damage you used to.


My question to DE is, are you actually testing anything you develope? Anyone trying internally these changes should have realized its a major fail.

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This is just ridiculous at this point. You guys are screwing up the game big time and not even a damn peep from you? Do you not see that people are now PISSED about this crappy damage 2.0? The damage 1.0 still worked better, even as unbalanced as it was. 


You're driving off the regular players who kept your game alive like me and the rest of the people that paid for this game. This isn't funny, because you're literally taking everything out of the damn game that made it @(*()$ fun. Holy hell.

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Chill please. Still a beta, and with as quick as hotfixes roll out and further tweaks just give it a few days. I know its the internet and folks go from 0 to "holy crap" (with less polite words obviously) instantly, but sheesh it really isnt that bad.  Its is obviously being worked on.

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Having to kill Phorid 50k times before it clears out from the boss that you need to farm parts from is monumentally aggravating.  You are effectively blocking players from game progression.


Summarily (with points from previous post), plz hotfix the "fixes," including:


reinstitute dmg 2.0 tables

replace infested static maps, or make Phorid drop loot from the replaced boss

undo armor "fix"

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hahaha.  Yeah, no, we don't have any special damage tables in Council.  Cute though.

lol You didn't get it. I was saying this whole Design Council and Grandmaster title will always be a Joke. I know we are their primary source of their income and your opinion only holds as much value as how much money you "donated" to DE. I am tired of these games that are filled with Micro-Transactions. This is my least favorite part of PC games. Little things like the duel skana costing 50,000 credits (built already, no bp) going to plat. Or changing the game just for Rhino and his Iron Skin. (You use to not get knock back from taking too many bullets.) These are just some examples and all I ask is to have at least one game that puts EVERYBODY of the same playing field regardless on how much money you have. ( no exp boost , can't buy in game money, can't buy weapons, character slots, weapon slots, etc.) Lastly, hidden changes in your hot fixes/updates.
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