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Hotfix 11.3.3




- First steps of cleaning up Invasion Progress bars: amalgamate outbreaks into 1 progress bar per region affected, show tooltip listing all affected nodes when hovering over label.

- Rollback much of minimap changes – back to clear and minimalist!

- Reduced bleed proc/Status chance on Grineer Butchers.

- You can now use mouse "Thumb 1" button to navigate backwards in UI (simulates pressing ESC).

- Changes to Penta aiming reticule – firing trajectory should better align with reticule.



- Fixed  armor resistances stacking onto health - armor resists are applied the armor value instead. Tone down infested resistances a bit.

- Fixed in-game stats for weapons that fire continuously (Flux, Synapse etc). Made fire-rate mods actually increase damage output and ammo consumption rate for these weapons (not only is this intuitively what you would expect it's important to maintain the balance for corrupted mods like Critical Delay).

- Fixed incorrect chat timezone timestamps appearing for some users.

- Fixed Infested Defense missions running as 15-wave countdown instead of normal defense flow.

- Fixed enemies spawning and dropping to the floor (spawn point too high).

- Fixed the Operations list popping back to the first element when it resyncs, but the scroll still being in the same position.

- Fixed the Operations list occasionally being redraw at an incorrect offset (it would be too high up, would intersect with the Operations title) when it resyncs.

- Fixed missing Lotus DSP lines for Orokin Assassinate mission.

- Fixed the tint-ablity of the white section of the Dakra Prime. 

- Fixed floating helmets when killing Corpus enemies in Orokin Void.

- Text corrections for Orokin Cells, Dread, Despair & Hate .


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-> fixed lankas projectile speed (seriously? electricity is slow?)

-> fixed researched weapons missing polarities (requires a forma to craft but 0 polarities? right.)

-> fixed dualwield pistol reciepes to no longer require an orikin cell (seriously, you need a battery to hold 2 weapons?)

-> fixed not working sentinels regen mods.

-> fixed no longer available infested missions making farming certain mods impossible.

-> fixed pathetic bow damage (sniper ammo, anyone?)

-> added the ability to deactivate alarms for stealth gameplay.


anyone? no thank you then.

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Any ETA on a fix for the floating Grineer helmets and weapons?  




Edit:  Penta is not so great when it comes to the Corpus, because their helmets stop almost all of the damage, all the time.  So... yeah.  When do we get Corpus helmets of blast invincibility (lol)?


This could use some tweaking.  I like the fact that the blast can cause headshots (by the truckload, if you get good), but the fact that Corpus helmets stop all but a pittance of the damage...  This is another bit of the armor thing that's not working.  Speaking of which, please triple-check armor and defence modifiers at some point.  There are some problems here.

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