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Power Duration Mods


Any 1 got a clue how rare this ones are?

Been gathering close to 100 pages of mods and still havent found any (maybe 1 low value that I sold before I picked up a frame that needed it).

In this speed patch 7 will be here before I get to try out long duration link on trinity =P

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I've found 10 power duration mods out of roughly 75 +/- 5 pages of blue mods.

I sell too many white/green mods for an overall count to be accurate, but kept all the blue ones I've looted from day one.

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I got 2 duration but 0 power efficiency mod :P

Hmm... Out of the 150+ noon white mood pages I have I only have 2 power duration mods. I do have enough energy efficiency mods to give my Loki, Trinity and another war frame about 90% efficiency each. If your sample size is bigger then we might need a person with more mods to get accurate data.

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