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Continuous Fire Weapons And Fire Rate



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current patch notes say yes, probably not updated codex 

Fixed in-game stats for weapons that fire continuously (Flux, Synapse etc). Made fire-rate mods actually increase damage output and ammo consumption rate for these weapons (not only is this intuitively what you would expect it's important to maintain the balance for corrupted mods like Critical Delay).

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in the Codex they all have a fire rate of 1.


In wiki they have varying values...


so my question now is, does fire rate affect continuous weapons like synapse or flux?

According to one of the livestreams, it either does or it will.

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It used to eat 10 ammo/sec, so firerate should be 10/sec. Didn't try them in this update though.


Edit: Wiki has the different fire rate for each of the guns. Should use those.

As far as I know, they all consume 10 ammo per second. The wiki values are wrong... unless, of course, anyone would like to defend the wiki's Embolist ROF of 1.7/s.

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