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      HOW TO: Claim Livestream Platinum Prizes   03/31/2016

      Hello fellow Tenno! Decided to make this guide after receiving multiple private messages and seeing multiple threads on how to claim plat prizes during official Warframe streams. Please remember to refer to the images in the spoilers for more information. Please Note: To be entered into a Platinum give-away on the Warframe Twitch Channel, all you have to do is log into Twitch and watch the stream. Despite what you may see in chat, there is NO requirement to post anything in chat. 
      Step 1:
      If your Twitch name is called out on a official Warframe livestream (Xbox 1 @ 1 / PS4 @ 4 / Primetime / Devstream), you will need to message the Warframe channel with your in-game alias and the platform you play on (PC, XB1, or PS4). To send a message select the "gear" icon at the bottom left, just under the stream window:
      Step 2: 
      Once you have selected the gear icon as shown above, click "message" to open up the editor:
      Step 3:
      Send a nice message to DE with your in-game alias and the platform you play on. Once you've done that click "send":
      Step 4:
      Be patient, once the message has been sent all you need to do is wait patiently and give [DE] "Ember Prime Ginga Ninja" Megan time to dish out the goods. You should have your plat within 24 hours provided there are no emergency issues at DE. If you believe you have been forgotten and it has been 3-4 plat-less days, then it might be a good idea to contact [DE]Megan on the Forums for an update on the situation since no one likes having platinum in limbo.
      Step 5: 
      Enjoy your winnings, Tenno!     [written by Community Moderator / Senior Guide NovusNova]

Pc Players: Intercepted Vay Hek Message

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Hyperion5182    506

Earth shall never belong to you and your kind betrayer.


Freedom shall ring on Earth once more...I will be one of its messengers...FEAR MY COMING FOR IT IS YOUR DEATH!

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DiabolusUrsus    7,303

Glad to see this coming out, but it should have been an Earth Day event. Just sayin'. It's time to unleash a horde of sociopathic, bloodthirsty, environmentalist void-crazed eldritch abominations upon the Grineer. Tenno! EXTERMINATE!

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Morgax    10,645

Salad tossing and now we toss the vegetation, we should name villians after vegetables next.

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Prismcore    522

Orokin Super Weed


Planet of Super plants


A warframe made of super powers? WIN?

Edited by Prismcore

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Kaian-a-coel    3,454

Just for clarification purposes: we are going to side AGAINST the grineer, and FOR the forest.

Save the weed forest!

Druid warframe confirmed.

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