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Update 11.5.0: The Cicero Crisis.


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Update 11.5.0: The Cicero Crisis.



Event: Cicero Crisis!  https://warframe.com/news/cicero-crisis


- New Warframe: OBERON – the Paladin Warframe! Equally adept at healing friends or striking down the enemy. Oberon embodies the balance Tenno are sworn to uphold. Find him today by fighting Vay Hek!

- New Forest Tile set reveal! Within the Cicero Crisis Event node on Earth is a first look at the new Forest tileset!
- Corpus Gas City Expansion.
- New primary weapon: Karak, a Grineer rifle!
- New secondary weapon: The Stug, a Grineer goo-gun!
- New melee weapon: The Magistar, a Tenno mace!
- New Infested Whip: now in Clan Research!
- Burston Prime! The Void’s influence has further permeated the Orokin Derelicts… bringing loot with it! Visit The Orokin Derelict Survival missions today to find the Burston Prime!
- The Void’s influence is still strong on the Orokin Derelicts –  and some Prime items have a new home. You can now search Orokin Derelict Defenses for the Sicarus Prime Blueprint, Ember Prime Blueprint, and Boar Prime Receiver!
- Forest Weapon Skin pack!
- Ho-ho-ho! Candy Cane Scythe skin & other holiday goodies! Look around, Tenno!
- Network optimizations for melee and beam weapons added!
- Added and replaced old Lotus lines (thanks for letting us know in the forums!)

Warframe Changes:


Paralysis (Third Power) - Now only takes 1/3rd of shields but still calculates damage based on 1/2 shield use.
Hysteria (Fourth Power) - Now has life regain/regeneration as damage is being dealt to enemies.

Fireball (First Power) - Deals Direct damage with a 100% Fire proc, on impact deals radial damage with 50% Fire Proc, has a faster travel time.
Accelerant (New Second Power - was Overheat) - Accelerant affects all enemies in a radius to have knockback + it coats them in fire damage amplifier!
Fire Blast - Initial radial damage now has 100% fire proc.

Venom - Now does viral damage.
Molt – The Molt Decoy now gets increased health with fusion level.
Miasma - Damage increase and changed to corrosive damage type.


- Infested Invasion missions now only require 3 completions for Battle Pay instead of 5.
- Infested Invasions will always inherit node mission type if the preexisting node was: Exterminate, Defense, Mobile Defense, or Survival. If the node being Infested was not one of those, game will decide randomly out of the 4 (Exterm, Defense, M. Defense, Survival).
- Increase limit on the number of rooms allowed in your Dojo. The limit is now 100 rooms!
- Trinity’s Blueprint drops have moved to Iliad on Phobos to be dropped by Kril and Vor!
- Armour/Shield/Health/Damage curves have been modified. We’ve lowered the “bullet sponge” to high level enemies, but they now deal more damage. The armour curve was radically dropped. The health and shields curves dropped slightly as well. However, damage output went up.
- Adjustments to enemies targeting when using melee attacks – they go for you now, not the camera!
- Adjustments to frequency of Lotus dialogue.
- All Sentinel Weapons now respond to fire-rate mods, magazine-size mods, and reload-time mods.
- Host election made a little bit more robust (corner cases, like interrupting election just before level starts, then restarting lobby etc)
- Changes to weapon projectile logic. The motivation of this change is that we want weapons like grenades that explode to end up in the same spot on host and client (in sync) without having the traditional delay of a replicated projectile (in particular, we have grenades that can be remotely detonated and this requires more or less precise timing on the part of the local client). This should fix some random self-inflicted deaths!


- Fixed issues with Sentinel weapon stats not showing correct values.
- Fixed Arsenal stats for weapons that have projectiles with complex damage (Ogris, Penta and Torid).
- Fixed random enemy patrols stopping and spinning in doors.
- Fixed Phorid level not loading.
- Fixed Loki’s Switch Teleport giving Target Obstructed message when target isn't obstructed.
- Fixed issue where Social menu goes off screen if opened closed in quick succession.
- Fixed voice chat still being heard/usable when disabled in Settings.
- Fixed scanner breaking on last scan charge.
- Fixed Codex title not updating after navigation.
- Fixed enemy tier getting reset after host migration
- Fixed Trinity clipping with the Grakata for the Noble Animation set.
- Fixed invasion missions sometimes resulting in no allies spawning.
- Fixed Mobile Defense console context action showing up in other game modes.
- Fixed issues with message box causing other screens to go wonky, even if it wasn’t visible!
- Fixed missing mini-map components in Gas City tile set.
- Fixed issue where dying players would not get a Revive or Forfeit prompt.
- Fixed percent completed text in the Operation meters clipping the Attacker/Defender icons.
- Fixed some issues where the happenings of the Warframe world (Alerts, invasions) were not being updated in real-time.
- Fixed logic with Nova’s Wormhole cast – it is generated from your camera and the height of the cast has been adjusted.
- Fixed Cameras not functioning correctly after being shot once, they’d get stuck trying to play pain animations. Cameras can’t feel pain… yet.
- Fixed max deployable resource drones:
     - Amount of deployable drones varies – you get one for every five mastery ranks.
Mastery 0 – 4, 1 drone
Master 5- 9, 2 drones
Master 10 +,  3 drones.   
- All Founders/Primes Access get +1 to each tier. So if you are Mastery 14 and Founder, you get 4. If Mastery 14 and no Founder status, you get 3.
- Fixed texture issues, seen here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/149613-missing-texture-or-something-along-those-lines-on-phobos/
- Fixed issues where having Reflex Guard mod equipped could result in rank-up test failures.
- Fixed crashes caused by disabling local reflections.
- Various crash fixes.
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