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Clip Bug


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When i try to pick up some clips for the guns it says that the ammo are full but the gun is empty.Sometime the clips work and the game lets me pick up some ammo but it happens rarely so i end up finishing the ammo in the middle of the mission and its really annoying.

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Not a bug. Your ammo pool is what is behind the slash. The game checks the size of your ammo pool when deciding whether you can pick up new ammo.

Say you have a Mk.1 Braton. You start with 48/500. Now you shoot and your gun is empty. 0/500. But you don't reload (either by pressing "R" or the firing button when the gun ran out). So your ammo pool is still at 100% (500 of 500), but your clip is empty. Put ammo from the pool into your clip (Making it 48/452), and you can pick up another 48 shots.

If that isn't what you meant, then it is a bug indeed. :D

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