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Hotfix 11.5.1

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can anyone at DE explain how someone could feasibly achieve the 100 points in the event solo?

As it stands from the description, unless a player joins a 4 player online squad match that somehow manages to coordinate ALL 4 players to carry the 25 pt potent antidote, then the highest a solo player can ever get is their individual 25 pts.


Meaning the highest tier rewards are locked behind a mandatory online match wall.

The inclusion of hoping that the other players are carrying the same level of potent antidote if one chooses to join a public online game means that if even one person has a weaker antidote, your hard earned antidote made from super rare extracts will go to waste and you fall short of the 100 pts upon mission complete.


Please change this "Best score in one go" approach to an accumulative one similar to the Gravidus Event. Just increase the total points needed to get rewards to factor in the accumulation of points.

Just a suggestion.

I'll have to echo this

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So many things in a x.5 patch!


Most important is that I like the idea of giving good drops for Derelicts but:

- Derelicts have the Vaults while Void does not have any viable use for it's treasure rooms.

- Prime stuff will eventually fill the droptables anyways so this solution cannot work for long terms.


I still think that you would be better off putting most/all prime parts into the treasure rooms within the void, completing the parkour would give those parts instead of a few destructibles with little-to-no chance for useful mods (like now). People tend to not explore void maps anymore.


I won't write the whole stuff here, just quote it (if you are interested in the full post, you can just click the arrow at the header's right corner):



The reward pool on T3 void runs is getting more disappointing by every find. Most void exclusive mods are not worth the tedious work to get them while the reward table is pretty boring for those that have the primes. Sure we get new primes but they either get obtained (and people lose interest right away) or won't even after a long time (thus people losing the will to continue grinding in the same enviroment).
But if the void runs were more profitable to begin with, more would play them.


Actually on void runs I noticed that most players flat out ignore lockers. They can't even drop resources (prior to u10, now they can at last - but they are still nothing more than a normal locker) so everybody goes for the destructable containers only which might hide a mod that can be good by a very slight chance.

Of course DE could redesign some mods (or make some new) that can be(maybe only?) found in void missions but even that might be too shallow - especially if their droprates would be around u11's Fever Strike and pals.

Maybe it would give more value to Void missions if the lockers could drop consumables (or the reward table as packs of random consumables) that are only obtainable from void missions' lockers or for platinum at the market, maybe from the merchant (I will talk about her later).
Consumables like
- health or energy regen (similar to the artifacts but stronger for a limited time - for 30 seconds you get 5 hp/sec)
- lockpicks to open 1-5 locked containers per pick (could use the current "puzzle" mechanic to make it more exciting :)
- temporary pickup radius bonuses (like you get all pickups in a 50meters circle for 5 minutes)
- timed resistance bonuses to counter stuff like frozen/half shield maps (like 3minute immunity to a specific enviromental effect - sounds better for me than constantly using a mod for that purpose) maybe overall damage restance like 20% damage absorbtion for 1min
- damage bonus for 1min
- attack speed bonus for 1min
- temporary max energy bonus (like 300 but only for 5min)
- stealth generator (30seconds of stealth for anyone or until broken by attacking/attacked)
- X-ray vision - seeing enemies (and/or drops) for 5min through walls like you see your teammates
- bigger health and shield packs
- 10 sec invulnerability
- rifle/sniper/shotgun or pistol ammo packs providing munitions for whole team on consumption
- placable autoturret that cannot move - lives 1min and shoots everything that isn't wearing pink shorts
- grenades (HE, Cluster/AntiArmor, incendiary, cryo, poison gas, stun/knockback/ragdoll like slide attack kogake etc.)
- throwing spear, 5 pieces per pack etc.
- teleportation marker - it comes in pairs, you put down the arrival marker first then either teleport there on next activation or put down a second marker for anyone to use... maybe even make it 2-way and active for 5 min or so making farming faster, like Nova's wormhole, only it's a bit better but costs credits/resources (or plat if you buy it instead of building it) as any consumable
- steroids, increased stamina regeneration for 5min or complete immunity to stamina drain for 10seconds
- key that for 15seconds, opens a gate to Hell
- expandable turrets, basically you activate it and you put down a turret that cannot move from that location, has limited ammo/energy/time (there could be different turrets, flamers, autoguns, shield generators like a weak snowglobe that has health but heals overtime even after getting down to zero, one that amplifies tenno damage if close, or dampens enemy speed/damage similarly, etc. - idea born from here https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/110492-suggestion-turret-sentinel/#entry1280153 originally)
Some/most of these partially exist within the game already so implementing them shouldn't be too time consuming while they could provide a nice boost to anyone and maybe even open up a new market for platinum. Continously needed as these are consumables, you ought to buy new ones at some point. This could go well with harder maps - making it possible to raise the bar even higher.
Some, like the grenade or turret would benefit from aiming so first of all we would need a fast and dynamic inventory UI - we saw plenty of these in games before, like one that appears around center so you don't have to move your cursor half a mile to get there and it uses the item you click or leave your mouse on when you release inventory button. Anybody who ordered an airstrike in recent BFs knows what I mean.


Of course in case of grenades a "weapon-switch" mechanic like in case of the Scanner might do well too.


- q86d.png -


Now, with the first part updated to be relevant even with recent patches, back to the void:


As of now, players explore voids less and less, the parkour/treasure rooms lost most of their significance since we either already have the mods within or they were not really coveted to begin with. By the latter I mean the resistance and countless common mods dropped in there. Also, even though some resources do drop in void, since the resource pool is always the same, players rarely have any incentive to open lockers either.


First of all I would take all parts out of reward pools for voids and leave only main blueprints and forma in it, taking care that forma is equal or not significantly higher in drop chance than the bps. This would mean that bps are essentially easier to get since we have a ton of mission types and 3 tiers in every type - so enough space for new bps, etc. (for a while).


As for lower tier missions, where getting the bp would be too easy, I would add an extra item with high chance to drop, something like a consolation prize.

I would make it into a package that contains 3 things that are chosen one-by-one from a reward pool:

- Common/unc/rare mods with 30/15/5% chance

- Extra credit sum, 7500 credit/tier of mission, 30% chance

- 30% chance to get a consumable (if possible I would tier consumables like mods)

- 10% chance to get something... nice. Special bps that only be obtained from these packs, maybe mods. Not highly powered or rare mods but a family of mods only obtainable through this package. Like elemental mods for Warframe that slightly alter their powers - a flaming or viral Snow globe is always nice (of course I know that because of the needed effects this would need brutal amounts of time but at least let it be a dream of mine for now...).


Overall something like this:


T1 missions:

5% BP

5% Forma

70% Consolation prize

20% 2 Consolation prizes


T2 missions:

25% BP( for mission type like glaive for survival etc.)

25% Forma

40% Consolation prize

10% 2 Consolation prizes


T3 missions:

40% BP( for mission type like glaive for survival etc.)

40% Forma

12% Consolation prize

8% 2 Consolation prizes


Thus making the low tier voids into consumable/mod and credits farming centered instances with a slight chance to still get the coveted bp. This would also mean that higher tier "consolation prizes" are harder to get thus they could raise in value, contain more precious items, mods.

I would move the parts into the mission itself as drops but not as the old blueprints were, more like the artifacts during raid missions (or vault artifacts in Orokin Derelict vaults), the parkour rooms would drop mods and maybe other stuff (like consumables :P) as usual but bigger ones would have a "prize" item within.

At the end that the first player getting to it can obtain and transport to exit and providing everyone with the item in likeness of OD vault artifacts. I can imagine it as a floating or highligted crystal or small container, that you have to use or touch. This would make people explore the maps (hopefully forcing rushers to play as a team and explore the map properly, even if doing it fast).

Of course at least one treasure room would be necessary but T3 maps could have more than one - causing them to be highly valued yet trusted sources of such equipment (as of now we start T3 maps with a depressed attitude, knowing that nothing useful will drop) and the time spent on them to increase dramatically.


Players would still only know what they've found when they reach exit - but as a player myself I would make sure that never 2 pieces of the same item-part can appear during one mission (preferably applying the already mentioned system of losing dropchance on things that appear more frequently to a player).


Survival needs little help, only things like taking the crazy small sum of credits out of the drop tables. I mean getting 1-2500 credits seem... unworthy as a reward for surviving for 5 minutes against ever strengthening enemies. I would simply use forma, prime parts and the above mentioned consolation prize in the reward table. With the already mentioned drop system using diminishing returns, there should be no problem - no more 3 latron prime recievers in a row etc. Of course fine tuning could be done, like making the "consolation prize" more frequent but that would still mean good stuff.


As for defense, that needs rework a bit anyways in my eyes. With survival missions giving all rewards (which seems logical) one can ask why do defenses give only 1. I would make defense mission drop the same things survivals do and in the same way, giving every reward to the players at the end. The two missiontypes are pretty balanced in difficulty with survival forcing you to kill fast (so you get support drops) while defense missions promoting a steady foothold so you can protect the fragile pod.

Of course we all know that defenses have a tendency to "need" a Frosty globe to be done efficiently but Frost and his only useful skill is detailed at his own section below.




q86d.png -


On a side note: any word on when or if you want to change Nekros's and Frost's abilities a little? Again I will quote from that post:




I'm a necromancer to the core. In every computer game and rpg (real ones where you sit around with books and character sheets) that has one I always play necromancers. So this little guy here is kinda important to me - thus I have my opinion on all his aspect obviously. Forgive me for this.

1. Soul Punch
I like it, it's pretty much my most loved lvl 1 ability - actually nearly as good in damaging a group as Hack'n'slash but without the "escape route" possibility mentioned ability holds. In fact Hack'n'slash even has more damage, at least according to the Wiki (sold my Excalibur long ago, sorry) but Soul punch has it's ragdolling effect which makes it an immensely powerful ability in the hands of the wicked. The name is a bit... as if it was taken from a children's comic or cartoon. Sorry but even a fantasia name or whatever could be better - even Soul spear is better. I can seriously imagine the guy jumping at the enemy screaming "soru punichi!"...
2. Terrify
I don't really have any problems with this one - it's costly but very useful. Maybe it looks too much like Excalibur's Radial Blind.

3. Desecrate
With the bodies mostly disappearing due to elemental damage and having the promise of some extra ammo (while you can use ammo scavange mods or even get consumables - actually since there aren't exactly a diverse arsenal of consumables, why shouldn't you, right?) it's mostly a waste. Sure, during survival missions, if you can time it well and have some luck, you can get extra life support units but that's still rather... lackluster. I mean we were doing fine without it till now anyways so having that as it's only real use. I mean you don't even need healthpickups that much - with the teammates being able to revive you on full health, it's nearly meaningless.
First of all I would do this:
Revives no longer heal you to 100%, only 25% or 20% and no energy.
Create a mod like:
Savior - warframe/sentinel mod
By revival fallen allies are healed to 30/40/50/60% health.

Maybe even the following:
Rehabilitation - warframe/sentinel mod
By revival fallen allies are energized to 30/40/50/60% energy.
And after this put a light orb (simple sprite that only the Nekroses can see) over or on (nonmechanic) enemy corpses that stay for half a minute even if the body decomposes and:
The Necros can leech upon the souls of the recently deceased, granting health and energy to him and his allies.
Voila, it has a good use and the game even became more challanging. Hell, the revive changes would make Trinity more useful too!

4. Shadows of the dead
Needs buff, right now it's a Brutally weakened version of Nyx's chaos.


As my first ever built frame, Frost has a special place in my heart. After I got Frost Prime I've formad this guy so hard, that only the aura slot is unchanged, and only 1 ability slot. Yes, 3 ability slots ended up as different poralities. I love this frame yet I was more than willing to trade 3 abilities for simple mods and never looked back. I'm only using Snowglobe. So here comes whining 2.0.
Most of his abilities fall short compared to other frames' (actually pretty badly), which endorses the use of his only truly useful ability (snowglobe) which is pretty overpowered, way more than bastille.
While the ideas themselves/themes are good, the results seem... lacking. No, not the damage, contrary to popular belief it's not like every frame must have tons of damaging abilities. In fact since Rhino is the other tank and he has proper attack abilities, I would prefer Frost to be a CC frame, especially since freezing powers are usually best for that. Anyways, here comes my "idea pack" of Frost.

1. Freeze
This ability is practically useless or at least not worth anyone's while.
- Only hits one enemy.
- Even useless against bigger enemies since hard to aim, thanks to the projectile shooting towards the direction you face towards at the end of animation, so you better time your shots well.
- Oh, projectiles are quite slow, so even harder to hit.
- Meager damage.
- Freeze effect breaks easily and usually pretty fast anyways.
These render this ability a "never again" choice if you have other possibilities for that mod slot. You can force it, I won't doubt that but those thinking logically see my point anyways.

So what I would do with it - endorsing the use of Frost as a CC frame:

Range: 50m, 3m aoe on impact location, enemies further away from the center of this aoe suffer weaker effects, latter affected by power range mods.

Frozen duration: 5/7/9/11 or if the enemy suffers more than 35% health damage from a single hit (both affected by power duration mods - or latter from power strength).

- No initial damage.
- Frozen targets suffer incoming damage buff, increasing every kind of physical damage, cold damage and blast damage dealt to them by 25/50/75/100%, affected by power strength mods.

- Prematurely breaking frozen status damages (cold and impact damage, 20/40/60/80) and knocks down those in range (3m aoe + power range mods).

- After frozen status dissipates (either normally or prematurely) enemies are affected by cold's status, slowing them for a while.

2. Ice Wave
I like the description, "dealing heavy damage". Pretty much a joke with the Damage2.0 introduced. So, since Ice Wave was never really a specifically good damaging power (only adequate that looked "cool") I believe it could too use some rework.
Currently Ice Wave has meager damage and actually no real use (Avalanche is simply outclasses it, even with the higher cost), especially against higher level enemies. So I would do the following:

- Ice spikes form on the ground, enemies hit by the growing shards get knocked to the ground.
- The spikes stay, like some kind of ice trap, any enemy touching them get's damaged and slowed, since it's proper cold damage.
- The damage itself could be overall the same as now but like this: 60dps - 140dps for 5 seconds. Only the damage and range changes with upgrading the ability, the duration is only changed by power duration mods. The damage is counted as Damage per sec thus with higher duration the overall damage grows too. On a sidenote, damage should only partially consist of cold damage since in case of ice spikes, getting skewered might be a bit more of a problem than getting a cold.
- Focus-like mods could affect the strength of the slowness effect too - it seems fairly logical.


3. Snow Globe

Okay, in all honesty, none of the other abilities Frost has can measure up to this. Hell, it's the most powerful defensive ability in-game, beating Blessing and Bastille. While Blessing has redeeming qualities, it's a tier 4 ability, which works against it if we want to compare it to Snow Globe (tier3). Meanwhile Bastille seems perfect (ceasing any retaliation of enemies), but only in a very limited range (2 enemy races mostly consist of shooters so this is bad), against rather limited number of targets.

Snowglobe provides near-perfect protection against ranged attackers (with the exception of railgun moa and the ridiculous aoe of missiles/jetpacks) for a rather long time and a very nice area of effect. Only problem comes from enemies that enter the globe but even they are slowed quite nicely so even that downside is not that much of a downside.

Yes, all-in-all snowglobe is not that much better (not like Molecular prime vs Avalanche) but it certainly is.


I simply hate the fact the the mere presence or absence of a Frost with Snow Globe can drastically change the outcome of a defense mission. Try T3 defense with and without globe - you will see what I mean.

I would drastically change this ability, in a way that many might even consider that nerfing.



Description: Frost takes control of the surrounding moisture, forming it into a raging storm of razorsharp ice, hindering ranged attacks and damaging enemies that venture inside.

Frost creates a storm made of icy shrapnels, dealing cold and slash damage to those inside, while weakening ranged attacks passing into/through the globe.

Range: 5m, affected by power range mods.

Duration: 30s, affected by power duration mods.

Damage: 15/30/60/90 per second, half slash, half cold damage (thus the overall damage is way lower than Ember's FireBlast), affected by power strength mods.

Enemies are slowed by 40/50/60/70% (or 67% on top if that had any meaning to be 67 instead of plain 70%).

Damage mitigation from ranged attacks is 30/40/50/60%, preferably affected by power strength mods.


This way we get a worthy T3 ability which is still way less illogical and "absolute defense" than the current Snow Globe.


4. Avalanche

Avalanche itself is not a bad ability by nature it's just that we have seen the near-exact same ability on other frames, countless times. It's nothing creative, only a large aoe damage spell, like that of Saryn, Mag etc. - even Volt is different since his Overload hold the possibility of higher damage thanks to the objects around, and Rhino has his "aftereffect" of floating enemies, making his über a "small" bastille for the recently (or soon to be) deceased.


Here comes the "I would do the following" part:

Make Avalanche into something like Molecular Prime, an ability not dealing damage by itself (for MP you have to start killing the enemies since the effect only deals aoe damage if affected enemy dies - after then though... well you have seen dominos, so you get the idea).


Description: Summons a treacherous landslide of ice that instantly freezes enemies in the vicinity rendering them immobile and highly vulnerable to incoming physical and cold damage.

Range: 15/18/22/25m, affected by power range mods.

Freeze duration: 7/10/13/16s or broken by hits bigger than 50% health (both affected by power duration mods - or latter from power strength).

Otherwise same as in case of Freeze, detailed above.


It would be nice if Cold damage itself could never break frozen status (maybe add to the timer a bit?).


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If you place a room in the dojo (at least for me a second set of labs) cancel build isn't working it stays in and yellow awaiting resources.

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If you place a room in the dojo (at least for me a second set of labs) cancel build isn't working it stays in and yellow awaiting resources.

Same goes for decor.

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Am I the only one whose OCDsense is tingeling due to the fact that THERE WAS NO UPDATE 11.4?

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Awesome update DE. Thanks!!


On a seperate note, idk if this has been addressed already, but there have been issues in the past where after fighting the Jackal, I couldn't get the mod he dropped, it fell through the floor. If this has already been fixed then please disregard this portion of the comment.


Also, Oberon looks badass. Great update as always :)

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This seems a very promising update--well done!

Looking forward to trying out Ember's revised abilities, trying the new burston prime (hopefully it is more kickass than any other prime has been and not just good to look at and outperformed by common weapons), and trying out the new 'frame (despite how slow he looks--hopefully I am wrong as slow 'frames tend to bore me very quickly).

Looks good. Hope they all feel good, too.

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And I am sitting in school, whaiting for the bell to get home and play that whole time warframe :$

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can you shut those @(*()$ bells up...I have gone to muting my pc after I finish every match....its just so freaking annoying

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ok its not in the patch notes but anyone else notice the buff all the bows got? some have almost tripled their primary damage (cernos now does 90 impact compared to the previous 30)

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Still no volt electric shield fix? it doesn't protect against any ranged attacks no make weapons do more using it, please can we get a fix for it ? :(

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Could you also please do something about the huge framerate drops in the Jungle tiles, those missions drop my frame rate from an average of 56fps to 12fps during the injector defending part, it's fine the rest of the time just when you are told to defend the injector. I don't normally have such huge drops even though I'm playing on a laptop, 


Specs for my laptop are Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5120 Window 8, AMD A10-4600M APU, 8GB ram, Intergrated Radeon HD 7660G graphics. Direct 11 is turned off and all my setting are low.

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Why did you break Ember? I'm getting tired of this BS. My Ember is Forma'd to use only Overheat and World on Fire.


First you nerf Overheat, ok, fine. I can live with that. But now you completely replace the ability with even more useless stuff?


Also you still have not fixed the hardcoded "back in menu" on Mouse 4.


I have given you more than 700 Dollar for your development because I love(d) the game. You keep kicking me in the face and show more and more incompetence. What is wrong with you? At least my disposable income will now go into different channels.

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