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Cicero Event Changes:  Read me!


Firstly, just a heads up, ALL ANTITOXINS are tradable in the Dojo Trading posts.


Secondly, Clan leaderboards: average of all your participating membership's personal score. (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/151507-the-real-cicero-crisis-clan-scoring/) s,are now determined by the average of all participating players' best scores, not additive totals. Should the top clans result in a tie, the tie breaker will be determined by the clan that has earned the LOWER total missions run score, meaning that surgical strikes per mission are wiser than many minimum runs. The choice is yours!


And Lastly, changes to the Event point system overall. We have introduced the VERMILLION formula/antitoxin blueprint, an incredibly potent recipe that allows a single Tenno to receive 100 points when used! You can find this in the Market for purchase and craft it in the Foundry.

The VERMILLION Antitoxin formula has been added for Solo Players to achieve the required points for the event rewards, as well as to allow competitive clans to reach higher scores.




- Adjustments and fixes to forest layout (holes, vines).

- Toned down scanner color correction for bright areas.

- New Sentinels now have the first shooting precept for free, and auto-equipped!

- Sound tweaks to Stug explosions.

- Eviscerator Bleed proc chance reduced by half.

- We now scale the difficulty of the following bosses:

 Lephantis, Vor, Alad V, and Zanuka

 Based on the Conclave ratings of the players.

- Upped health of defense objective in Cicero Crisis.



- Fixed unranked fusion cores being given as Survival Rewards.

- Fixed texture quality setting (was being ignored on game startup). Tweaked the budgets so that high-quality will be useful on large displays, medium (the default) is appropriate for almost all video cards, and low is tuned for 720p without thrashing HDD too much.

- Fixed Ember's Fireball level 4 not doing AoE damage on hit.

- Fixed Nekros’s Shadows of the Dead clones not attacking unless attacked first.

- Fixed Dojo rooms and decorations not being cancelable in the process of building.

- Fixed lingering Moa Railgun effects.

- Fixed bleedout icon not appearing on mini-map for teammates.

- Fixed players repeatedly being spammed if they want to bind their account to Steam economy. We now only ask once immediately after logging in.

- Fixed the Scanner icon having incorrect art when equipped.
- Fixed Aresenal stats not updating with Sentinel weapons.

- Fixed Ember’s accelerant not increasing fire damage against shields.

- Fixed issue where Carrier’s Vacuum would try and suck up ammo drops if you had maximum ammo and the scanner equipped.
- Fixed Cernos Bow offhand attachment showing an arrow incorrectly.

- Fixed a case with toggle sprint where if sprint was toggled on and you aim while standing still, then moving forward would cause you to sprint instead of walk and throw you out of your aim.Now, as soon as you aim you will be toggled out of sprint. This makes it consistent with what happens when you aim while sprinting.

- Fixed players being able to sell blueprints from their inventory that are currently in-progress in the Foundry.

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