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Can't Forge The Afuris?


I bought the afuris blueprint and 2 furis, I have all the required components (orokin cell) and yet I can't forge it! The game let's me select one of the furis but nothing happens when I click the other one and the "select" remains over it...

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What you need to do is click each Furis in the recipe; this opens a new window where you select exactly which Furis' to use. This is so the recipe wouldn't consume a higher level Furis with a catalyst you didn't intend to use, etc.

Once you specify which Furis to use in the recipe, a checkmark should appear next to it: a checkmark for each Furis and you'll be able to begin crafting it.

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While looking cool and all, those weapons are next to useless (i havent supercharged them to see what happens). They chew up ammo like CRAZY! You will always be out of ammo ...

So, if you put mods that increase max ammo you are gonna be left with 2 guns that deal next to no damage ... that being said, i still use them since they look cool and its awesome to shoot them :)

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