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Ember Or Ash?


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Ash. I have been using that Warframe since day-one of me playing, and I haven't regretted it one bit. :) Yes, Blade Storm is a bit...interesting (glitchy) at the moment, but when it works, it works. You can clear an entire room.

Same here. While I haven't tried this "dual zorens+2nd skill" build that everyone has been raving about, he's probably my favorite warframe. Even though he is a little buggy. I heard Ember is good for clearing out hordes of infested on the earlier levels though.

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Its a matter of play. Ash is very sneaky and tends to come from nowhere and slice the enemy in half when, ember tends to just jump into teh fight set everyone on fire and just sit their and wait. Personally its personal preferance.

I would say both/ (if you have the slots)

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just go with what you see would make playing warframe more fun in the long run (if you really had to choose between the two) cause my personal take on that is even if you're playing the most OP warframe available but you're not having fun.. what's the point in playing ? :P

I haven't played an Ember before, would love to, but seeing it as it is, I don't find it fun to play cause as it was mentioned above, it eventually goes down to personal preference :P

If you like the fayaah, embah!

If you like the brimstone, ash!


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