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600 Rubedo/hour


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So I saw a video other day about some dude who put alot of speed mods on his Loki.

Decided to test that and do some farming.

My loki: level 30 - 60% runspeed from mods & Loot Radar to spot chests.

The rubedo gained is not entirely accurate, there are usually 3 paths on Oro, destroy machine/one that ends with 2 containers - mission end so it is possible to get more rubedo then I did, most I've got is 120 rubedo a mission.

I just did Destroy Machine - End Mission.

Here are the stats:

Location: Earth - Oro

Starting clock: 20:33


run 1: 65 - 20:38

2: 71 - 20:47

3: 67 - 20:54

4: 58 - 21:00

5: 77 - 21:07

6: 68 - 21:14

7: 83 - 21:22

8: 64 - 21:30 (slower got a 1 machine + kill 35 mobs)


553 rubedo in 1 hour

1k+ Ferrite

3-4 Neurodes

Some creds from looting/completing missions.

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Hmm, i ought to try this out. My loki is similarly modded, and i'm counting on Update 7 [NOT INSIDER INFO FROM ANYWHERE, IT'S JUST A HUNCH] going live tomorrow. So this is the last time for Mach Lokis to shine, and a very good chance to stock up on rub-a-dub-a-bedo

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sorry i dont understand that numbers

He told you to go to Oro, on Earth, using a loot radar mod or artifact and a fast frame, and smash every container you can find before getting to extraction. Then rinse and repeat until you black out. (Real men black out, only pussies faint.)

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Ooo. I'm interested in farming for rub. Don't have a Loki but would love to party with one and get some of that rub.

I dont think you understand. You need a speed modded loki to get through the mission fast. If you're slower and in the party it ruins the point.

well its good and all but where is the alloy plate equivalent mission? just asking because i wanna get all the alloy plate as i can

Looks like best bet would be Bode on Ceres. It's also an infested sabotage mission for fast runs.

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