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Damage Upgrades Not Showing Up?


So I upgraded my pistol damage from 20 to 22, but it doesn't show it on the main page. It shows all my pistol stats, and my pistol damage is still set at 20, though the 22 damage registers ingame. Is this a bug?

Also, when I buy a second upgrade for damage, from 22 to 24, it will say "20 --> 24"


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So it's not a bug. I think it should tell you your entire damage, or at least have an option to do so, though I guess that's an opinion. I hate having to open up the entire upgrades menu to find out what my REAL damage is.

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Yeah, quite a few people have asked for something like this, like having their total shields/health/sprint speed etc displayed on their arsenal screen and suchlike. I guess the devs are busy with Update 7 right now, but who knows? maybe something like this'll be in Update 7.

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