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Plasma Sword (Melee Or Charge)


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I haven't actually levelled it but it seems like it doesn't quite have the same melee potential as single heat sword / jaw & not quite the charge potential as heavy weapons or dual heats.

It's in the middle so I'd say focus on charge & if you have empty slots, just do melee damage.

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no potato 30 plasma sword for me with 1 charge speed rate mod and 2 charge damage mods = pretty much 1 charge for grineers..

Plasma Sword without mods has a fast charge hit rate (the amount of time it charges).. well of course that's excluding how a player presses E though (like for me I sometimes cause to melee-cancel the charging spree) buy yeah you'll get the hang of it... but.. I'm actually deciding to go for gram.. you'll eventually get tired of how small it looks (aesthetically speaking.. yeah gram :P)

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