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Cooooomparisons. [Between Certain Logics For Style]


I've recently come across someone very fascinating who brought up some plausible arguments against my preferred ideals.



The best mob sweeper frames.

I say : Nyx

X says : Frost, Mag, Volt, etc. (the aoe panic button frames)

My reasoning : Nyx, regardless of enemy level, using Chaos, is the only AOE user capable of clearing an entire room down to nearly nothing, including elites and ancients, maybe even bosses(not sure).

X's reasoning : No idea, X didn't mention why, though I assume it's because of the AOE, instant-noobmob sweeper skill that doesn't affect elites and ancients much. That and Nyx is apparently "support".



The better handgun(s)

I say : Kraken, Lex.

X says : Akbolto, Afuris(or was it Aklato or Sic, I forget)

My reasoning : Kraken is the best multipurpose, damage-efficient single hand weapon, once equipped with endgame mods. (wont matter in u7, I guess). Lex does the same for sniping range.

X says : Nothing, I don't even know.


No, I am not asking you to dislike me/X. (well, you may do so, not my issue)

I simply require opinions to see if any other plausible reasons/arguments exist for these scenarios.

X and I are both at the same rank with roughly the same artillery, however, have severely different opinions.

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Nyx will be the best sweeper/cc frame once higher level enemies come in and Frost/Mag can't one shot everything with one button. But as of right now they are all effective Mag and Frost are just faster than Nyx with clearing rooms.

I think the Akboltos are better than Kraken since I personally don't like the kickback that prevents you from getting 2 headshots with one shot. But that's just opinion.

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Akboltos are really nice for heavy armored unit.

Afuris just depletes ammos like it nothing.

I wish there was a higher capticity. I only have it at 350 and still keeping enough power mods to boost it weak strength on light armor enemies.

When it comes to melee Aoe clean on mobs...Fragor for Greineers and Scindo/Dual zoren for infestation :D

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I love my Nyx, she is very effective in defense missions.

That said, her moves don't kill enemies fast enough to rival Mag or Frost. They also don't earn her the same amount of exp because she isn't actually killing the enemies.

Kraken is the best DPS pistol around.

Afuris is crap, Akbolto is too slow and still can't match the DPS.

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Well I can understand Frost may be a good "mob sweeper", Avalanche providing a bit of control over what it doesn't kill. But Mag and Volt...meh, especially Mag whose only multi-purpose utility can be reduced to Crush.

Handgun, I stick to Akbolto myself. It's the only gun I find useful against anything. And I mean, really really anything.

Problem with pistols in end game is the lack of mod slots: every mod you put in it counts. You can have the better mods in the world for pistols, you still can put only 4.

So any weapon without inate Armor Penetration must be compensated with AP mods, at least 50%. That's 2 slots. 1 slot for multishot. And the last slot to compensate for the weakness of the weapon (Lex-->reload speed/fire rate, Afuris-->Max ammo, Kraken is ok in this matter I guess) You can be lucky and got dual AP/something mods, but good ones, with the right stats maxed out, are rarer than multishot.

Akbolto doesn't have this issue, and mods can be fully used to increase raw damage: one 25% damage and the rest Multishots. That's up to 400% damage. Which is around 150-200 for a single body shot, double for headshot, whatever the mob you face (highest level ancients and grineers especially come to mind). I don't think you can achieve that on the other guns, especially against armored enemies. I may be wrong though.

Not to mention its fire rate is better than the Boltor (with the help of a macro ofc).

That's just my point of view on the matter anyway. I mean, Lex is dependant on headshots to be 100% effective, same can be said for Kraken, Afuris eats ammo and Akbolto is hard to use against moving targets.

Each weapon has its weakness, choosing the right one is a matter of taste and playstyle in the end.

And, as you said, everything may change with Update 7 anyway.

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