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Death Timer and Gears Window


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The death timer goes down really fast that I hate this feature the most in this game. My friend died and I need to rescue him in less than 3 secs before the timer run out, not to mention you need to buy revive with *real money* if you don't want to wait another 24hours for a refill.

Also the gear window... It's NOT VERY EFFICIENT!

Why do I need to hold "Q" and click the potions all the time I need to heal myself? It would be great is we can use shortcuts or put the gear window screen to the middle of the screen not at the bottom left of the screen.

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One thing about the revive system you should know - if you want the maximum bleed-out time (~20 seconds) don't attack enemies when you're downed. They will retarget you and if they damage you it will accelerate the bleed-out.

I agree about the Gear window, we will be addressing this in a future update.

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