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After One Day...


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I'm absolutely loving the game so far! It's just what I expected with the potential to be much more. I can see me and my friends coming back very often to play this. The art team has done a fantastic job, and the gameplay is fluid and powerful (except not so much with guns, but I'll get to that). So, I have a few small complaints and suggestions so far...

HEADS UP DISPLAY! I really, really think this game is begging for a radial HUD. You know, the semi-opaque, circular colored bars floating around your character in the center of the screen displaying your Health, energy, shields etc.? Yeah, that would do very nicely for a game like this one. As it stands, the HUD is very small and off in the corners, forcing your eyes (especially for those with larger monitors) to take their focus off the action.

LOTUS. She needs to speak less. I'm personally not a fan of the voice actress chosen. No offence, you have a lovely voice, it just doesn't fit the role. I think the testers and future playerbase would really appreciate her chatter to be reduced or at least be affected by volume settings.

Firearm Damage/Feel. This may be a trivial mention, but the ranged weapons feel, to me, very weak until you've practically filled out their tree. I think they should pack a bit more of a punch-- and as I mentioned at the top, they don't quite FEEL like they do either. There's hardly any recoil on them or sound emphasizing their impact on the target.

On the flipside, melee combat is my favorite way to go. Feels very good slicing multiple enemies in half with a charged dual-Skana attack.

Rolling. I haven't looked into re-binding it yet, so tell me if I'm missing out-- but I keep finding myself rolling when I'd rather not and getting stuck when I do!

Enemies and AI. I can't really put my finger on it yet, but there's something about how the enemies behave that bothers me. Little things like the speed at which the Infested suicide enemies run, and the way enemies will 'slingshot' past you, forcing you to do a 180 degree turn to attack them. Also the stunlocking. Getting held in place by multiple Charger Infested or shield carrying Grineer or Shockwave MOAs is not fun.

Payment Limitations. I very much agree with a post I saw somewhere earlier on the forum suggesting that the payment restrictions for weapons, Warframes, final abilities etc. should be removed or lessened for the beta. Perhaps only for VIPs? I fully understand the pay model for a free to play game requires these transactions, but at least for the beta testers to further offer their feedback it makes sense to do so.

I'll post with any more issues I encounter once I play some more.

Love it so far DE! Keep polishing this gem!

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After one day...experienced a game like never before!

forum is filled with requests,bug complaints and suggestions to making Warframe a better game!

Hopefully this game will rise up and become game of the year...this game needs to promote more! It MUST be heard,seen and felt by all of the people of the world!

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I agree with this thread. Except for the Hud part. I don't really find it that hard to play the game while glancing at my health and shields, and I have a 40" TV as my monitor. But, it's different for everyone else so more power to everyone if it's a problem.

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