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Weapon Stats Suggestion


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Hi DE,

I have noticed this by having the 'Cronus' sword, the rate of it is 1.3. I wasn't sure if this was 1.3 attacks per second or it takes 1.3 seconds to attack. I have an idea that if you mouse over the stat eg. rate or damage. It would pop-up as a small rectangle with the measurements too and a small description like, 'this is how fast you will swing your sword' or 'the is how fast your bullets will shoot' etc.

It would also be nice if the stats in the upgrades menu like 'damage' increase will show including the artifacts and previous upgrades instead of showing the improvement it has from the main stat. Skill improvements like the 'Slash Dash' would show the distance it increases and show the exact stats that it would improve. Just a few ideas from me.

- Keychow

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Agreed - when we chew through the bug reports I want to do 'awesome' pass on these stats!

Thank goodness!

Also, just an overall improved description on what the advanatages each weapon is supposed to have.

Even the stuff that isnt as obvious as numbers and stats.

We shouldnt be choosing weapons based on a lack of clarity...

We should be picking them because we know what they will do and it sounds really friggin awesome!

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Weapon stats display incorrectly in Arsenal.

For example, clip size for my MK-1 BRATON is shown as 48, though actual in-game clip is 75 with two clip capacity upgrades.

Tooltips for upgrades also dispay incorrect information, showing effects of the upgrade upon default stat values, not the actual ones. Upgrades themselves seem to work properly in-game.

Showing default stats would be useful when comparing weapons in Arsenal but everywhere else it's a bit misleading.

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