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Parkour ideas, Stealth mode and more (Ideas)


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Hi DE,

I just had sudden enlightenment that it would be a nice idea if there was parkour/acrobatic moves besides climbing up ledges, rolling and somersaulting. It would be nice if there was wallrunning, this could be just for the lighter classes such as excalibur or volt etc. Wallrunning could also be exclusive to volt's 'Super Speed' to balance the excalibur's super jump ability, although this might make Volt a little bit op as it also has high-damage skills.

This is something I've been trying but always failing, I try going stealth mode but it just takes too much time to kill one fast and efficiently before they run off to call for reinforcements and alert the whole ship, It would be nice if there was stealth missions modes eg. kill 20 enemies without being detected. Have separate rooms/waves so that the detection will be reset even if you get detected so the 'Missions failed' in your profiles wouldn't hurt as much.

Skills are really costly, like the radial javelin. It makes me prefer the slash dash at any possible time or charged slash. The cost of the skills should be either reduced or the power should auto regenerated like the shield. Well this is just my opinion.

There could also be multiple ways of wallrunning and combining those into acrobatic shooting or combo slashing, this may turn this away from a shooter to a hack 'n' slash but it would still be fun if these features were implemented into this already awesome game.

- Keychow

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