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I feel that the ammo drops in this game just drop like they feel like.

I mean i'm using a Gorgon and i find no rifle ammo but i do in fact find alot of shotgun ammo and sniper ammo.

I mean does a sniper spray asmuch as gorgon can to hae the need to find ammo 2x more than rifle.

What i'm saying make the ammo drops reflect what we are using i am not saying make it so that i dont worry about ammo.

I'm saying that i sould not run out as much as i am right now.

And i'm not a spray and pray kind of guy, i'm a aim then shoot kinda of guy. Headshots if i can help it.

Alot of the time as a loki i'm the one carrying the info packets and with me only using a gun for allmost half to whole level,

id like not to run out of ammo when soloing the level or when its just 2 of us.

And i know i'm probobly wrong about half and its only my S#&$ty luck thats the problem. But i hope this changes a bit.

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No, you're right.

Some Weapons will not run out of ammo, because of the awesome damage per shot/ammo ratio, like the Latron, while others eat through the ammo reserves in record time (Gorgon/Batron). I'm not sure if this is final though, as for example the Latron and Batron share the same exact ammo pool size, while it should be clear that the Batron needs a lot more ammo to have the same effectivness.

Same is true for the sidearms, one of the reasons i love the Lex that seems to be universaly hated by most other players. :)

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Ammo is a HUGE problem for gameplay IMO. Melee is a joke (i play solo so it's quite hard). So i can choose go melee and die in 3 secs or use all amo in fist half of the misson and die after that. I can use stealth to kill 2 or 3 of them but even my crarged melee attack doesn't kill weakest mob.

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there are ammo and capacity problems that is for sure it seems like you get a ton of shotgun ammo but very little rifle ammo for how fast each gun eats ammo also guns like the dual machine pistols are completely useless based on how little ammo they can carry vs how many shots you need to put someone down

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