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A few Bugs with Blade storm


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I had this happen a few times and both bugs happened in separate games.

1) Stuck in Bladestorm - I used bladestorm and halfway through its use It randomly "stops" and I am stuck in the zoomed out view but the game returns to normaI and can run around and eventually finished the missions but I am unable to use powers or melee. When I try to use blade storm again it tells me the power is still in use. Also I am able to aim down sights and when I do this the vision zooms in like normal but when I stop aiming down sights it zooms WAY out again as if I am bladestorming.

2) this one happens quite often. I bladestorm ANYWHERE near stairs and if the enemy I last kill with it is on said starcase, I return to normal under the staircase and get trapped . . . forever and are forced to abandon the mission.

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