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Eastern Symbolism ... Incomplete?

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I've been redesigning the haphazard initial construction of the dojo, and I have begun to look into the decorations available.  Most people would likely consider the resource expenditure wasteful, but I am quite enjoying the interior design aspect!


... Well, I was enjoying it, until I found how incomplete the selection appeared.  Of course, I do realize the beta state of the game, and I understand that dojo decor would find itself rather low on the list of priorities for the game's progression.  I did, however, want to state that (at least a small segment of) some players would likely be interested in the further development of available options--specifically the symbolism, in my case.


For instance, the Buddhist/Taoist symbols of the Dragon of the East and the Turtle of the South are in-game, but where are the Tiger of the West and the Bird of the South (elemental damage plays a large part in the game, so why not represent them all)?  The Tongshi/Komainu (aka "foo dog") are options for "temple guardians," but where are the Kitsune (the wooden Torii most often signifies a Shinto shrine, after all)?  Expansions on Yin, Yang, and Tao could be introduced as other statues, and maybe another floor medallion for the commonly-recognized Yin-Yang symbol (besides the rock garden) would be nice--maybe even the complete feng shui symbol?


The list could go on for ages, and I am simply attempting to suggest interest for the expansion of decoration assets.  Possibly, these ideas are already considered or are planned for inclusion!  Either way, this has all turned into a fun lil' minigame for me, and it would be super neat to see this stuff, in the future!  ◠‿◠

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Well, getting more decoration options for dojos would certainly be splendid but just like you said, it`s gonna be long from now.The highlight of the upcoming update 12 seems to be an overhaul of the melee system but who knows? Each update is bigger than the previous one, so the things that you are hoping for might become a reality very soon!

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