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Pc Global Kill Leaderboard Is Ending January 15Th!

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Bring out your dead! 

The Global Kill Leaderboard will finish tracking kills on January 15th, 2014 – you have until the clock strikes Midnight UTC! At that time, the Global Kill leaderboards will be retired.  


We will archive the players who have recorded 1000 or more kills overall so that their achievements will not be forgotten. The top 1000 overall Global Killers will be rewarded as follows:


Gold Badge: Top 10

Silver Badge: Top 11-100

Bronze Badge: Top 101-1000.

A new “Weekly Kill Leaderboard” will be replacing the old Global Kill Leaderboards once it is retired.


P.S Warframe PS4 players: the Global Kill Leaderboard will also be retired at a later date that is to be determined, but all the information will be the same regarding badges and recorded kills will be identical. 

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