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Hotfix 11.5.8:


Cicero Crisis Over!


Rewards are being sent out right now! Completed! Please log out and in if you are unable to see your rewards (provided you were eligible).


- Score 10 points and you will receive an Event Badge.
- Score 50 points and you will receive a set of 4x Dual Stat Mods (Status chance + Toxic Damage).
- Score 100 points and you will earn a set of Wraith Twin Vipers!


Stay tuned for word from our smelter on trophies.




Made /invite add the target user to your recent contacts so that if you need to re-send the invite, you can use your mouse.




Fixed instances of giant fog/gas clouds appearing in main menu. (Based on reports, some instances still not fixed).

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Can't wait to get a closer look at those mods and try out those Vipers. I kind of missed my old ones but now I get a shiny new pair. Everything worked out better than expected.


Thanks for the event, and fixes, as always.

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