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Mmohut And Warframe Screenshot Contest!


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I don't know why I can not find any of this stuff....I push f6 like all the time when I see good pics. I guess it just doesn't want to take them for me=(

Try setting warframe.exe with admin priveleges, maybe it doesn't have permission to create files in the install directory

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Hmm... This screenshot. I feel like... someone has taken this one already...

Oh wait, that's right... mikedot.blogspot.com/2013/01/warframe-cbt-impressions.html

That's MY screenshot.


how do i attach the screenshot to a post?

This forum uses BBcode, syntax is [_IMG_]<link to image>[_/IMG_], minus the underscores. Imgur provides links in many different syntaxes, BBcode included among them.

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OOOH SNAP, GG. plagarism yo.

Not sure if serious or not.

It just boggles my mind why someone would post that, especially considering it's an old screenshot and NOT from update 7.0, too.

ALSO: It's being used on my company's website for this VERY same promo contest.

Just makes me ask... WHY?


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