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Mmohut And Warframe Screenshot Contest!


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None of the entries so far capture the essence of Update 7.

Sure there are some nice action shots of the new weapons and areas, but that's secondary or stuff you'd see in any ol' hotfix.

No, it's time for a picture that is filled with action incarnate, a picture that represents the very idea behind the naming of the update.

I bring you what Digital Extremes will remember about Update 7.

I bring you what you will continue to spam the forums about.



Make sure to take note of how the tankiest Warframe has assumed his update 7 blocking stance to protect us from the storm.

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Running a dungeon with one of my clan members, and this glich happened, I was stuck waving my arms in the air, waving them like I just didn't care.

I was just chillin' like a villian on penicillin. Dying of laughter as that sawman was trying his hardest to slap me.


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