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Stealth Suggestions!


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Warframe really needs a way to be a bit more.. stealth-like, in a sense. Alarms are too easily triggered and stay on for the rest of the map. Although it's probably not that important, the option would be awesome to be there.

Some things I would definitely suggest is a cooldown for alarm systems. If you remain in a cool down area or stay hidden long enough, the alarms are turned off. Alternatively, you could hack certain alarm stations to turn them off (you could do this either pre-emptively to keep alarms from beginning triggered so you can mass murder a room, or post-activation, so you could turn it off and reinforcements stop arriving into that room; furthermore, you would regain your unaware status).

Stealth kills need to be mapped to another button. I don't want to accidentally melee somebody who I was supposed to just murderize.

Also, certain frames should be designed with stealth in mind - quieter foot steps for some frames, louder for others. I don't expect to be stealthy with a Rhino - ever. In comparison, I don't want to be detected if I'm a Loki or an Ash.

Which brings about silent weaponry. So far, the Paris is the only silent projectile weapon in the game. You can quietly assassinate targets from afar. A secondary set of 'silent pistols" or a blow-dart gun of some sort would be great. A knockout status would be cool too, but only able to activate this status when the target is unawares would be fantastic.

Silent melee weapons would be cool too, albeit most are somewhat quiet already (I haven't tried the new twin daggers yet).

It'd just bring a whole new way to play this game, and I would be SO enthused to be able to do a whole mission with a crew who would want to do it stealth the whole way. New type of challenge.

Another cool thing would be to reward players who make it to the boss completely stealthed, giving them a chance to actually assassinate or sabotage the said target. Just a thought.

Any other suggestions would be cool.

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