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Ok I am not sure If there is a setting I am missing or how the enemy strength is set but It very random and seems to be WAY harder when playing solo and WAY easy the more people you have and not just because theres more people playing.

SpI was playing quite a bit solo and my warframe was about level 6-10ish and I did some early to mid venus missions and the difficulty seems SUPER steep compared to earlier in the day with 3 friends. For example we played the Kiliken and when I was solo the toxic ancients were near impossible to kill and were spanwing at levels 16-20 ands the normal ones at levels 9-12, now keep in mind the stage says this level is ment for levels 6-11. Now before this I was playign with 3 other freinds levels ranging from 5-9 and the same level the toxic ancient were spawning at level 1-3 and all the regular zombies were only level 1.

is this suppose to be swapped or is this just a wierd glitch happening with me.

also side question, During the intro little scenimatic it lists a difficulty number does this mean anything because I never notice any differnce at all in the missions difficulty.

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