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Warframe On Steam


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Where did you acquire this information?

Due to popular demand we're extending the deadline on the Founders Program!

...well, it's partially based on demand but mainly because we have been so focused on polishing Update 7 that we haven't been able to devote the attention necessary to truly nail down an incredible follow up offer to the Founders program.

Essentially our thinking is -- If we wouldn't buy what we're selling then it certainly isn't good enough to ask other people to buy it. So while we continue to perfect the next 'big' offer which we hope to finalize by the end of the month, we're extending the Founders program to give everyone who's interested a little longer to get in, including our Steam users who will be joining Warframe on March 25th.

To our newly minted Founders who rushed their entry thinking this was the end, we apologize for stressing you out and hope you're not eating saltines and margarine for the rest of the month just so you could become a Founder in time. We do truly appreciate your support.

For those who were still hoping to get in? Now's your chance!

As for Update 7...it's sooooo close, we can taste it!


Bolded font.

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Yeah excited because I can go back to playing it in 64 bit and use steam in game hehe.

how we integrate already downloaded warframe client with steam later? welldone DE, releasing warframe to steam :)

You have to reinstall it.

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