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Best Secondary? Besides Brakk


i already own the brakk and yes i know its a godly but im still not that big of a fan of shotgun pistols. so what do you recommend for a new secondary? i like the acrid but the DoT isnt as good anymore on it but i would like to see changes to it but sometimes you cant get what you want.


what is a good secondary besides the brakk?( dont like hand shottys)

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I prefer the Dual Vastos, myself. Not exactly the ultra definition of power and destruction, but they do great damage, are accurate and have always served me well.


Twin Gremlins work too.

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*Honorable mention to Twin Wraith Vipers. Built with Crit/Stat mods and a Pistol Ammo Mutation, they are great as long as you fire tap bursts (do not hold the trigger)

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If you like picking off enemies from afar, then Despair and Ballistica (yes, Ballistica) are very good options. Ballistica's projectiles are very fast and accurate, have no dropoff, and are perhaps the most reliable way of OHK'ing enemies past medium distance besides using Lanka or Miter (or Primed Chamber Vectis). It's a near-direct upgrade to Bows, with its ridiculously fast charge speed, near-nonexistent cooldown, and higher minimum, average, and maximum charged damage than what any Bow can accomplish.


Despair is much easier to use, infinitely better for crowd control, and an expert at mid-range combat, although it doesn't have quite the one-hit-kill-enemy-from-afar capabilities that Ballistica has (although, if you're good at angling, it can two-hit-kill-enemy-from-afar just as quickly).

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ok, not the best in terms of DPS, but its got nice crit and status chance, and it's a magnum/revolver-type weapon like the vasto and lex, so it's strong. put some gas on it, and you can drop crowds of infested in one shot. the other factions don't have a major exploitable elemental weakness like that, I might change up my corpus loadout such that I have electricity alone, so I can get that chain lightning effect. viral is great against grineer, but I usually have corrosion on it for corrupted+grineer. the troubles of only having 3 loadouts. usually my primary will have viral when I go into a grineer mission, so that's fine

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I put despair and brakk aside, since those two either obtain with luck or unable to obtain through farming.


I go with akvastos - very accurate, unlimit range, doesn't cost much bullet, can one-shot low lvl mobs. 

Or embolist when you on loki/ ash/ rhino/ trinity or vs infest. 


I also considered wraith viper but...that thing cost bullets so crazy. 

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Stug due to possibility of multiple combo elementals. (pretty OP for a market weapon)

Detron will be on the par with Stug cause of same reasons.

Embolist (though i'm waiting DE to fix continuous weapons after they changed it).

Acrid - DoT constantly procs as poison (which is bypasses shields, good vs Corpus) - this is the only one i didn't tested on high level yet though


Despair and Twin Gremlins are on okay-list as well

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Acrid is actually my #1 choice because it's capable of being adapted so well. Toxic+various elements can suit many targets and if you put a combo on it, many combos pair well with toxic since it goes through shields and gets a bonus to enemies that don't have shields, but you say you're not happy with that one.


#2 IMO would be Akvasto. Strong and flexible weapon with good mechanics and fine crit chance.


Don't overlook the Seer Pistol though. Also very flexible, and very easy to get.






Don't go with Stug.


People like it now because it has good numbers but as a weapon it's a piece of crap. It's a delayed sticky explosion that hurts the user. You can't do damage with it immediately and any enemy charging you just brings the damage right back to you. It also uses an elemental combo (corrosive) so you can't adjust it for your target like you can with other elemental weapons (Acrid for example is toxic, so you can add electric, fire or cold to make it into any combo you need.). If it ever saw a nerf it would go from OP to crap tier real fast.


If you were an experienced player with a large arsenal I wouldn't say anything, but that would suck for a new player who'd invested his forma/potato in that direction alone. Where ever you fall in between, if you're totally unhappy with your current lineup I would go for something safe and fun like Akvasto. Not another gimmick weapon with slow projectiles.

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