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You are not gonna get any support if you don't provide more precise informations, I'm not a magician.

First thing to try is to clear your cache. Do a ctrl+F5 on a page where you have the problem. If it does not fix it, then...

Computer or mobile ? Please note that there's close to no support for mobile.

What browser to you use ? Is it up to date.

Does the problem appear for all the builders ? (Warframe, weapons, sentinels, etc).


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The stats for the Tonkor on Warframe-Builder are out of date.

The projectile damage should be 75 Puncture damage.

The explosion should be 325 Blast damage with a 25% crit chance.

EDIT: The Synoid Simulor is also out of date.

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Was Checking the staticor build I had since I had not changed it in quite awhile. 

Convulsion, hornet strike, barrrel diffusion, lethal torrent, pistol pestilence, frostbite, primed pistol gambit, anemic agility.

Ingame cold damage is 408.2

Ingame radiation damage is 680.4

Ingame corrosive is 1020.6


warframe-builder values are

513 cold damge

856.050 radiation damage

1284.074 corrosive damage


Base stats are off slightly

site shows base damage of 88 radiation

Ingame base damage is 80. 


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