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Added the Prisma Grakata, and the 2 augment mods Staggering Shield and Hallowed Reckoning.

I made the changes to fix the fire rate for the semi-auto weapons. It's now capped to 10 max, and the changes should work in both the builders and the weapon comparator. Please edit your builds accordingly ! (name/description/mods)

This was a lot of changes so you may find new problems, just let me know if it's the case.

I also fixed a few things with the mods in the weapon comparator. New base builds will come in the next weeks.

Russian translation has been updated.

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dps number seem off as of lately, f.e. fire rate mods seem to have no influence

Use F5 if you were using a non semi-auto weapon, I just fixed a mistake. Otherwise, semi-auto weapons are capped at 10 for the rate of fire, it's the post above yours.

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Thank you for adding the prisma.Keep up the good work.I really like your side and im a long time user.

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The link :

Translating to another language is currently suspended because it's a lot of (too much) work for me too, even if you manage to do all the translation.


Если Ваш родной язык - русский, то пожалуйста пишите в эту тему




[uPDATE] June, 15th.

-Added the Prisma Grakata, and the 2 augment mods Staggering Shield and Hallowed Reckoning.

-The fire rate for the semi-auto weapons is now capped to 10 max, and the changes should work in both the builders and the weapon comparator. Please edit your builds accordingly !
-Fixed mods dmage calculation in the weapon comparator.
-Russian translation updated.


[uPDATE] June, 5th.

-Added the Anku and the 2 augment mods Cataclysmic Continuum and Contagion Cloud.


[uPDATE] June, 4th.

-Fixed the syndicate mods with status.


[uPDATE] June, 1st.

-Added Prisma Skana.


[uPDATE] May, 28th.

-Fixed the link to the build in the notifications, it was not working when the build was reported by another user.

-Fixed an issue where you were not able to save your build with the french language.

-Added the mods Sonic Fracture and Chaos Sphere.


[uPDATE] May, 22nd.

-Added karak Wraith.

-Added a link to the EHp calculator made by FantasmaMedroso, in the menu for the Warframes.


[uPDATE] May, 13th.

-Added the new weapons Boltace, Dailyu and Atomos.
-Added the mod Detect Vulnerability for helios.
-Fixed the Ogris reload time and picture (F5 if needed).
-Bore is now a rare mod.
-The Quanta and the Quanta Vandal can now use the mod Sinister Reach.
-Updated the text for the mod Parry.
-Increased the precision for the numbers in the weapons builders and the weapons detailed reports to 3 decimals.
-Fixed the sustained DPS not showing for the bows in the detailed report.


[uPDATE] May, 7th.

-Fixed Mk1-Braton status and Skana not showing status and stamina.
-Added Primed Slip Magazine.
-Mods are now translated in russian, thanks to DryMind.


[uPDATE] April, 30th.

-Added the mods Singularity, Shelter, Crash Course, Pummel, Full Contact and Collision Force

-Added Quanta Vandal

-Fixed Tonkor max ammo

-Tonkor can now use Firestorm

-Updated Chroma's Effigy and Vex Armor


[uPDATE] April, 24th.

-Added the Tonkor and the augment mods, Shield of Shadows and Vexing Retaliation.

-Fixed the secondary shot which was not displaying stats for affected weapons.


[uPDATE] April, 20th.

-Added the mods Perpetual Vortex, Funnel Clouds and Radial Finish.


[uPDATE] April, 9th.

-Added new augment mods Firequake, Explosive Legerdemain, Vampire Leech.

-Added new weapons Dual Raza, Aksomati.

-Berserker mod is now capped at 75%.


[uPDATE] April, 9th.

-Added the 3 new augment mods.


[uPDATES] March.

[uPDATE] March, 27th.

-Fixed the notifications.

-Added Volt Prime, Dex Dakra and Odonata Prime

-Updated Kohm and a little bit Chroma


[uPDATE] March, 26th.

- Fixed the cold mods cost, the Synoid Gammacor ammo pool, the polarities for the Tonbo and the forma count for the archwings.
- Updated the Kohmak to add the innate punch through.
- Fixed Archwings, Archemelees and Archguns builds not displaying.
- Fixed forma count for Archwings.


[uPDATE] March, 20th.

-Chroma added.
-Ripkas added.
-Kohmak added.
-All new augment mods added.
-All the augment mods have been updated to show the stats in the text (they still don't affect the report). Some of the stats were extrapolated, report any problem you find.
-All conclave mods added (at least all the mods I saw at the NPC).
-Fixed Zephyr's sprint speed.
-Updated Limbo's Rift Surge.
-Updated Synoid Gammacor stats


[uPDATE] March, 16th.

-You can now swap incompatible mods.
-Kohm base stats updated.
-Nekros SotD shows the number of affected targets


[uPDATE] March, 10th.

-Fixed sentinel weapon builds displayed with sentinels

-Fixed elemental combinations for melee weapons with innate elemental damage


[uPDATE] March, 6th.

-Fixed Shatter Shield and Eclipse max value to 95%
-Fixed Mirage's Prism energy cost per second
-Fixed Elytron's Bloomer and Thumper skills which are now affected by the mods
-Fixed the elemental damage for the Paracyst, normally I didn't break anything else but let me know if it's the case
-And... I also fixed the Mire, at least, I guess, until we find something wrong or something else broken because of this


[uPDATE] March, 1st.

-Added Tempo Royale mod

-Updated Astral Twilight mod with combos

-Fixed melee combos not showing


[uPDATES] February.

[uPDATE] February, 26th.

-Updated stats for Aklato, Sicarus Prime and Rakta Ballistica.

-Added mods Rising Storm, Pilfering Swarm and Piercing Roar. Please note that augments mods does not affect the stats in the report yet.

-Updated Nekros Terrify and SotD.

-Updated Dead Eye mod.


[uPDATE] February, 19th.

-Added melee weapon Tonbo

-Updated Rakta Ballistica stats for the uncharged shot


[uPDATE] February, 18th.

-Added Astral Twilight mod

-Fixed Entropy Flight polarity mod

-Fixed forma count when switching aura and stance slots


[uPDATE] February, 12th.

-Added Primed Reach, Primed Pistol Mutation and Prisma Veritux.


[uPDATE] February, 8th.

-Fixed the forma count for Warframes and melee weapons. If you see, in the list "my builds" or 'seach builds" one of your builds with an incorrect forma count 'one forma missing most of the time), you need to edit your build and save it again.

-Updated the elemental mods from 60% to 90%
-Updated the Rakta Ballistica charged stats
-Updated the MK-1 Paris charged stats


[uPDATE] February, 6th.

-Added new weapon, Akjagara

-Added Penta critical values


[uPDATES] January.

[uPDATE] January, 27th.

-Fixed the stats affected by the Warframe helmets

-Added he mod Primed Heated Charge


[uPDATE] January, 25th.

-Updated Ember and Ember Prime stats and skills

-Updated Archwings stats and skills

-Updated Kohm stats

-Throwing weapon mods are now displayed for the Halikar

-Updated Targeting Receptor mod

-Added Prisma Gorgon


[uPDATE] January, 15th.

-Added new weapon, Panthera

-Fixed stats for weapons which use more that 1 bullet per shot for both the builder and the weapon comparator

-Nova's Antimatter Drop explosion range is no longer affected by range mods

-Lasting Purity can now be actived/deactivated in the builder, and adds damage in the weapon comparator


[uPDATE] January, 13rd.

-Added Primed Fast Hands and Primed Heavy Trauma


[uPDATE] January, 12nd.

-Updated Braton Vandal stats

-Added damage done by Trinity's Energy Vampire skill


[uPDATE] January, 10th.

-Added new weapon, Tipedo


[uPDATE] January, 5th.

-Fixed incompatible mods for sentinel weapons.

-Added flight speed stat for Kunai, MK1- Kunai, Hikou, Hikou Prime, Despair, Castanas, Sancti Castanas

-Updated a lot of melee weapon stats

-Redeemer charged shot is now affected by critical values and channeling


[uPDATE] January, 2nd.

-Added Imperator Vandal, Magma Chamber and Searing Steel.

-Updated Mesa, Sheev and Itzal.


[uPDATES] 2014.

[uPDATES] December.

[uPDATE] December, 20th.

-Added Itzal, Fluctus and Centaur.

-Updated mods Tainted Shell, Critical Deceleration, Auxiliary Power, Enhanced Durability.

-Updated Velocitus damage.

-Fixed Valkyr Warcry ability showing twice the speed debuff.


[uPDATE] December, 17th.

-Updated ammo mutation mods

-Added Nova Prime, Soma Prime and Vasto Prime

-Updated Kohm


[uPDATE] December, 15th.

-Added mods Primed Continuity and Primed Ravage

-Added weapon Mara Detron

-Updated Redeemer stats and added charged shot

-Tainted Mag can no longer be used on bows

-Loki's Radial Disarm now show correct Impact damage


[uPDATE] December, 12nd.

-Added all the new syndicate mods (let me know if one is missing)

-Added new weapon, Kohm

-Updated Dual Decurion and Velocitus stats

-Nova speed debuff is now capped at -75%

-Updated health/shield/armor/critical chance mods for archwings, arch-guns and arch-melees

-Updated Odonata and Elytron stats. They no longer inherit stats from a parent Warframe.


[uPDATE] December, 4th.

-Updated the skills for Mesa.

-Updated the Braton Prime stats.

-Added D polarity for the Sancti Castanas.


[uPDATES] November.

[uPDATE] November, 30th.

-Added the puncture mod set.

-Fixed the Stinging Truth mod for both the builder and the weapon comparator.


[uPDATE] November, 28th.

-Added new weapons Redeemer, Gammacor, Dual Centurion, Vaykor Marelok, Telos Akbolto, Synoid Gammacor, Secura Dual Cestra, Sancti Castanas, Rakta Ballistica.
-Addew new mod High noon, puncture set will come later
-Added new Warframe, Mesa.
-Fixed Opticor delay between shots and charge cursor.
-Fixed Vile acceleration mod in the weapon comparator.
-Fixed Diamond Skin mod.
The polarities for the new weapons may be missing. Let me know if you have more information about this.


[uPDATE] November, 13th.

-Added new weapons Velocitus and Rathbone


[uPDATE] November, 6th.

-Sinister reach is no longer displayed for rifle weapons.

-Ruinous Extension can be used with the Ignis.

-Melee weapon stats updated.

-Updated mods Energy Inversion and Energy Amplifier.


[uPDATE] November, 3rd.

-Fixed Entropy Burst mod, now giving a +20% flat bonus.

-Hyperion Thrusters mod bonus is now displayed correctly in the report.

-Updated Odonata and Elytron skills


[uPDATES] October.

[uPDATE] October, 28th.

-Warframe builds are now 8 mods + 1 aura mod, and the ability mods are removed. All previous builds are now private, see this post for more informations.

-All skills are now displayed in the detailed report. You can set the rank of the skills in the report.

-A bunch of skills have been updated, including Vauban's skills.

-Added new Warframe, Limbo.

-Added new weapons, Opticor and Halikar.

-Added all 38 Syndicate mods.

-Added all 16 new mods for weapons and Warframes.

-Incompatible mods are now handled.

-Fixed the damage for the next rank of the mods, in the weapon comparator, for the sustained DPS.

-New feature, link builds together, read here.

-The number of builds linked is now displayed when you search for builds, look at the recent builds or look at your own builds in your account.

-Added Archwings Odonata and Elytron. They are listed with the Warframes.

-Added 10 Archwing mods.

-Added Arch-guns Corvas and Imperator. They are listed with the primary weapons.

-Added 11 Arch-gun mods.

-Arch-guns are now available in the weapon comparator.

-Added Arch-melees Onorix and Veritux. They are listed with the melee weapons

-Added 10 Arch-melee mods.

-Fixed issues when logging on a builder page.


[uPDATE] October, 11st.

-Added new Hacking ciphers tool, see here

-Added Blind Justice mod

-Redirection now affect Sanctuary


[uPDATE] October, 6th.

-Added helmets for Nyx Prime.


[uPDATES] September.

[uPDATE] September, 30th.

-Warframe Builder v2 has arisen! Read this for more informations.


[uPDATE] September, 24th.

-Added Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, Scindo Prime

-Updated Mirage's mods


[uPDATE] September, 18th.

-Added weapons Buzlok, Atterax, Sheev

-Added mods Sweeping Serration, Maim, Buzz Kill, Fanged Fusillade, Loot Detector


[uPDATE] September, 14th.

-Updated Glaxion

-Updated Trinity's Blessing

-Changed again the red critical formula


[uPDATE] September, 4th.

-Updated Torid stats

-Updated Glaxion stats

-Updated Oberon Renewal skill

-Renamed Cold Touch mod to Vicious Frost

-Added pictures for the mods of the last event

-Fixed (again) the forma count, hope I didn't break it

-Firestorm is now a mod for Torid too

-Firestorm is now displayed in the weapon compartor


[uPDATES] August.

[uPDATE] August, 29th.

-Added the Latron Wraith, Mk1-Strun, Mk1-Paris, Mk1-Furis, Mk1-Kunai, Mk1-Bo and Mk1-Furax

-Furax stats updated

-Stance polarities updated


[uPDATE] August, 28th.

-Updated Oberon armor value

-Updated all Oberon mods

-Updated Nyx Absorb

-Added new weapons, Nukor, Glaxion, Kronen

-Added new stance mod Gemini Cross

-Added all 4 new ice mods (still missing images)

-Fixed (again) filter by version in the search engine


[uPDATE] August, 18th.

-Added new weapon, Karyst

-Updated Lanka, Vectis, Vulkar, Acrid, Attica, Spectra, Flux Rifle, Snipetron, Snipetron Vandal, Torid


[uPDATE] August, 14th.

-Updated damage modifiers for the factions.


[uPDATE] August, 5th.

-Added Quanta

-Fixed the reset button for the rate of fire

-Updated Mk1-Braton, Lato and Strun

-Fixed burst and sustained DPS in 'details' window for burst weapons


[uPDATE] August, 4th.

-Updated all burst weapons with fire rate during burst, delay between shots, and average fire rate calculated from these values

-Updated sustained DPS calculation for burst weapons


[uPDATES] July.

[uPDATE] July, 25th.

-Added all Kubrows and all mods. The Kubrows can be found along with the sentinels. Note that there's currently no damage calculation for the Kubrows, I don't have any informations for this.

-Improved the report system with more reasons and more clear reasons, for both users and moderators.

-You can now sort your own builds the same way you can sort the builds in the search window.

-Added a box for primed/charged chamber to see the effect of the mod on the damage (requested a long time ago :D)

-Added the shield recharge rate value for the warframes, in the report. The formula used is : (max_shield * 0.05 + 15) * (1 + shield_recharge_mod).


[uPDATE] July, 20th.

-Added pictures for Mirage mods

-Updated Mirage mods effects

-Added combos + combos name for Eleventh Storm


[uPDATE] July, 18th.

-Added Mirage and all 4 mods (need pictures and more infos for the mods)

-Added Silva & Aegis melee weapon + stance (need combos name)

-Added Akzani seconday weapon

-Removed all the helmets with no stats, you can only equip a helmet with stats now (arcane helmets). To remove a helmet, select it again.

-Updated status chance for all weapons with number of pellets > 1


[uPDATE] July, 12nd.

-Added Tenno faction in damage report, for weapons.


[uPDATE] July, 10th.

-Added Prime Laser Rifle, for sentinels

-Updated sentinel weapons stats and pictures (looking for a better prime laser rifle picture)

-Updated Swift Deth picture


[uPDATE] July, 6th.

-Fixed Bastille duration

-Fixed accuracy not affected by mods


[uPDATES] June.

[uPDATE] June, 30th.

-Fixed the -power strength% for the Rhino Vanguard Helmet

-Updated Rhino Charge damage to Impact


[uPDATE] June, 27th.

-Fixed red critical formula

-Added 'bow burst' to replace 'burst DPS' for charged attack of the bows with charge speed < 1, see here


[uPDATE] June, 26th.

-Added new weapon, Venka

-Added new mod, Malicious Raptor

-Fixed burst and sustained DPS values displayed 2 times for charged attacks

-Weapons with only 1 ammo in magazine now have correct burst DPS value (equal to total damage)


[uPDATE] June, 20th.

-Updated Prova Vandal stats

-Added new weapon, Mutalist Quantum. I still need more informations about this gun, but you can already switch between primary and secondary shoot.

-Updated russian translation.

-Added all 4 new mods from the event

-Updated the filter per version function.


[uPDATE] June, 14th.

-Added a function to transfer a build to another weapon/frame/sentinel. You can transfer the mods and the polarities (if you tick the box)

-Fixed forma count, if the number of formas saved for your build is wrong, edit it and save it to update the value.

-I made a lot of changes, so there could be some bugs, report anything you find.


[uPDATE] June, 12nd.

-Added 3 new Prime, Bo, Loki and Wyrm

-Fixed stamina stat for melee weapons to display a decimal


[uPDATE] June, 5th.

-Added new secondary weapon, Pyrana

-Updated all secondary weapons stats


[uPDATES] May.

[uPDATE] May, 29th.

-Added new weapon : Nami Solo

-Updated stance mods Sundering Weave, Cleaving Whirlwind and Rending Crane

-Update Nova Molecular Prime

-Updated all stats for all primary weapons

-Removed the maximum 100% cap for critical chance and fixed the maths so the damage will reflect a value higher than 100% when the box is ticked

-Fixed an issue with bane mods not working on weapons with an elemental base damage + a combination elemental mods

-Fixed the 'Melee combo' button position


[uPDATE] May, 22nd.

-Added new melee weapon Serro

-Updated mods Silence, Sound Quake, Undertow, Blessing, Absorb

-Fixed various translations


[uPDATE] May, 19th.

-Fixed damage for elemental damage and the number of bullets for the Angstrum charged shots.

-If you have unread notifications, the number near your name will be displayed in red.


[uPDATE] May, 15th.

-Now, when you report a build, you must choose a reason in a drop-down menu.

-Added a new notification system. When you report a build, an anonymous notification will be sent to the author, with the reason, so he can react and edit his build. It's still reported to the moderators too. Notifications are also sent if your build is deleted or privatized by a moderator, with the reason, so you can learn from your mistakes.

-Added the number of new notifications near your name. Click this number to see the notifications.

-Fixed a problem with the mod Focus Energy and the channeling efficiency.

-New weapons, Angstrum and Sybaris


[uPDATE] May, 12nd.

-Added a 'Remember me' checkbox under the login form to stay logged in.

-A new dedicated page for your builds has arrived

-A link to your builds is now available in the top right corner, near your name

-You can now delete your builds from the 'My builds' page

-Improved the skin of the scrollbar for the list of mods

-The buttons to change the rank of the mods are now a little bit bigger

-You can use the arrow on top of the scroll bar again to navigate through the mods

-Zephyr's Tail Wind and Tornado have been updated to show more stats in the report

-Hydroid's mods updated to show more stats in the report

-Fixed Akbronco Prime polarities

-Fixed the display of the name for melee weapons

-Updated the name of the shotgun mods for the french translation

-Updated Berserker mod, now you can select how much stacks of the buff (0 to 3) you want to use in the calculation

-The 'Report' link is now named 'Details' and still opens a window with more stats

-A new page, more friendly, will be displayed during updates

-The background color will now be changed when you'll move the mouse over an editable value (fire rate/aura mod damage) to help you understand that you can edit this value

-Fixed useless margins in the design to try to reduce the scrolling

-Updated russian translation for the user interface

-Updated Radial Javelin to not display an undefined value

-Updated Molt to display the correct string for the damage when it's destroyed


[uPDATE] May, 7th.

-Stance mods translated to russian thanks to DryMind.


[uPDATES] April.

[uPDATE] April, 30th.

-Added 'Channeling' type for mods, 10 mods updated to channeling mods

-Mods that add an effect when channeling (such as Quickening)will only have their effect visible if the channeling box is ticked (need some testing though). Channeling damage and efficiency will always be visible if > 0, as well as the cost in energy.


[uPDATE] April, 29th.

-Updated Gleaming Talon, Clashing Forest, Flailing Branch

-Dual Kamas now use dual swords stance mods

-Updated french translation for new mods. If you have mods not translated yet, please send me a screenshot (including melee combo if needed)


[uPDATE] April, 27th.

-Fixed Trinity's Link duration


[uPDATE] April, 26th.

-Added new mod, Decisive Judgement

-Kama and Prova now use Machete stance mods

-Fixed Hydroid'sTempest Barrage cost

-UpdatedReaping Spiral mod


[uPDATE] April, 23rd.

-Added Amprex

-Updated combo names


[uPDATE] April, 22nd.

-Added 'promote' option for the builds. Builds promoted will show up on top of the list with a star near the name.


[uPDATE] April, 21st.

-Updated Saryn's Molt

-Nami Skyla now use dual sword stance mods

-Fixed french translation for Hydroid mods, updated some informations


[uPDATE] April, 17th.

-Added the combos. Click the button under the stance slot when a stance mod is equiped to see the combos. It still need some combo names and some informations, as well as translation.

-Fixed spin/leap/wall damage for melee weapons with base elemental or elemental combination damage.

-Updated Akbronco Prime number of pellets.


[uPDATE] April, 16th.

-Added mods Life Strike, Quickening, True Punishment, Warrior's Grip, Enduring Strike

-Added images for Tidal Surge, Undertow(may need F5 to refresh the cache)

-Updated Vigor image (may need F5 to refresh the cache)

-You can now see how channeling affects your damage, and how mods affects channeling efficiency.


[uPDATE] April, 14th.

-Updated stance mods images and descriptions

-Fixed Nikana, Dragon Nikana, Nami Skyla and Skana stance slot polarity

-Dual Ichor now uses dual swords stance mods

-Hate now uses scythe stance mods

-You can now filter mods by aura on the melee weapon builder page (stances are aura)

-Updated french and russian translation for new mods/effects

-Updated Torid image and stats

-Fixed stance mods not displaying for Obex kind weapons

-Fixed which stance mods can be used on Furax/Ankyros/Obex/Kogake

-Optimized the pages were you select frames/weapons/sentinels to display faster


[uPDATE] April, 11st.

-New Warframe : Hydroid + mods, still missing images and informations + translation ru/fr

-New weapons : Lex Prime, Attica, Nikana, Dragon Nikana, Nami Skyla

-Melee weapon builder updated for melee 2.0


-All stance mods added, still missing images, some polarities and translation ru/fr

-All melee weapons updated

-All melee mods updated, stats + images, still missing some stance polarities and some translation ru/fr

-Fury now affects Deconstructor attack speed

-Parry is now a melee mod

-Fixed Saryn's Miasma stagger duration

-Updated Zephyr's mods

-New polarity added


[uPDATE] April, 9th.

-New builds are now rank 30 and potatoed

-Now if you export one of your saved builds to a link and you modify the build in the future, the link will lead to the updated version of the build.

-Throw melee mods can now be equipped on the Deconstructor

-There are 2 new buttons near the 'filter by name' field, which allow you to change the rank of all the mods to max rank or min rank.

-Updated help image.


[uPDATE] April, 7th.

-Some builds have lost their name and description during the update. Please check your builds in your account and edit them if needed.

-Sentinels have arrived !

-Sentinel weapons added

-Sentinel mods added

-You can now save private builds

-The minimum number of chars for the description of a build is now 60

-All the builds with a description less than 60 chars are now private

-Added a red message in the save window, read it !


[uPDATE] April, 1st.

-Fixed an issue with russian language, allowing duplicate builds.

-Deleted 139 builds.


[uPDATES] March.

[uPDATE] March, 31th.

-The formula to calculate how much formas are needed now support the polarity switch. Need some more testing though.


[uPDATE] March, 27th.

-Berserk mod now affect attack speed

-Updated Saryn's Miasma

-Popularity is now displayed on the builder page.

-You can now report incorrect builds. You must be login to do that, you'll see a new icon in the menu to report the build.

-The filter by name field for mods is now a html search field instead of a html text field, allowing some more options in certain browsers (like clear the field)

-Fixed various issues with the menu and the login/logout actions

-Removed everything related to the votes on builds, could cause some errors if I forgot something :D


[uPDATE] March, 26th.

-Added Dex Furis

-Improved popularity system

-Reseted popularity


[uPDATE] March, 25th.

-Added new 'popularity' system to rate builds

-Votes on builds are disabled.

-The maximum number of builds (which was 10) you can save is removed


[uPDATE] March, 24th.

-Fixed error message when saving a build without having voted on a build before

-Updated Ember Fireball

-You'll now see on which builds you have already voted in the list

-Improved 'My builds' table in the account

-The list of the builds will refresh when you open it (so now you should see your newly created builds)

-Builds from deleted accounts should now display with an empty author name.

-Save button is now displayed even if not logged in.

-Added message to explain that you must be logged in to vote on builds and save a build whan you click the icon if you are not logged in.

-Grace period for multiple accounts and/or vote sharing has ended. Added messages to alert you when you are voting or registering that using multiple accounts is forbidden.

-Account banishment is now supported.


[uPDATE] March, 20th.

-Updated Frost Snow Globe ability


[uPDATE] March, 19th.

-Added Aura Mods sorting in the builder

-Improved multi account detection


[uPDATE] March, 18th.

-Added edit function to builds

-Reseted all votes and ratings.

-You can't submit an empty description anymore.


[uPDATE] March, 17th.

-Added a latests builds page, see the menu on top of the page

-Added a saved builds count on the list of the weapons/frames

-Fixed status/sec probability and name

-Builds are now sorted by upvote-downvote on the builder page

-Frames builds will now display a reactor icon in the list, not a catalyst icon.

-You can't use space chars anymore to reach the minimum chars limit for the name and the description of a build


[uPDATE] March, 16th.

-You can now save, browse and rate builds, see herefor more informations.

-Fixed damage of second elemental combination for weapons with a base elemental damage.

-Fixed how helmets works with health, shield, energy.

-Fixed status chance for weapons with status/sec stat.

-Added terms of use. It's usual crap but by using Warframe Builder, you agree to these terms of use, it's precised in the said terms of use. So you better have a look anyway.

-I'll have a look soon on burst weapons.


[uPDATE] March, 13th.

-Added mods from Tethra event


[uPDATE] March, 8th.

-Added new menu on the builder page

-Fixed Rhino Prime picture


[uPDATE] March, 6th.

-Added new weapons and helmets from U12.4

-Added Rhino Prime

-Updated Oberon picture

-Fixed shotguns critical values, it seems that the codex is now displaying the critical value of each pellet again.

-Fixed shotguns status chance,it seems that the codex is displaying the overall status chance, which must be divided by the number of pellets.

-Removed critical probability to show critical / bullet or critical / pellet. If you check the box, the damage should be increased by a more accurate value based on the number of pellets/bullets.

-Added bullet count, burst weapons are now displaying an accurate sustained dps value. Bullet or pellet count with a decimal value means the last bullet/pellet has n% chance of firing (i.e, 1.9 bullet means 1 bullet + 90% chance of firing a 2nd)

-Fixed burst weapon stats, burst weapons now display damage from 1 shot. If you have 10 base puncture and and 3 bullet burst shots, it'll display 30 puncture damage.

-Added status/sec


[uPDATE] March, 3rd.

-Added member area, first step in the builds database.

-Fixed critical damage for shotgun

-Fixed bane mods with weapons that have an elemental base damage, need some more testing though.


[uPDATES] February.

[uPDATE] February, 27th.

-Added Marelok

-Fixed Focus new name to Intensify

-Fixed reload speed.


[uPDATE] February, 25th.

-Now, when you check the multishot box, critical and status values becomes critical probability and status probability. These values includees the multishot.

-Fixed pellet count for shotgun with multishot enabled.


[uPDATE] February, 19th.

-Fixed french translation for Accelerant mod

-Updated Nyx Vespa Helmet

-Zephyr mods updated

-Fixed skills showing x times in report when previously switched with another mods.

-Fixed Steel charge

-Added Castanas


[uPDATE] February, 18th.

-Added 2 buttons to fully rank up or down mods.

-Added charged attack value missing for weapons with charged attack.


[uPDATE] February, 16th.

-Impact, Puncture and Slash damage now affect melee weapons charged attacks.

-Melee weapons charged attack value should update when you are on the non charged page.

-Added a 'Aura mod damage' stat with a value of 0.00. You can click this value to edit. If you edit the value to, let's say, to 27 (rifle amp), it'll add a 27% damage.

-Fixed numbers with 2 decimals

-Slash Dash damage is now affect by power strenght mods.

-Added a charged damage stat for primary and secondary weapons, to see the charged attack value just as melee weapons.

-Fixed Ogris stats

-Fixed Drakgoon pellet count when on the charged page

-Updated russian translation.

-Fixed critical and multishot not showing in the report when the box was checked.

-Fixed colors green/red for values in weapons reports.


[uPDATE] February, 14th.

-Fixed a big problem with elemental combinations, everything is back to normal now

-Added a probability status value, which represent the status chance including the multishot exact value. If you have 90% chance of multishot and 70% chance of status, the final result will include the fact that the second bullet has only 90% chance to be fired, and it won't be 70% + 70% chances. It will be 70% + 70% chances 9 out of 10 times.

-Fixed bow mod not showing explosion chances in report

-Added pellet count for a more accurate status probability value. I don't have enough accurate values for the pellet count and the real status chance for each pellet, so some results may be wrong.

-Fixed Narrow Minded


[uPDATE] February, 13rd.

-Added new rifle, Grinlok

-Fixed mod, Ammo Stock

-Fixed various mistakes with russian translation


[uPDATE] February, 12nd.

-Russian language added. All russians should say thank you to DryMind for the help. Adding support for cyrillic characters has led to a lot of changes, so there may be bugs everywhere even in the english and french version.

-Now you can display a report on the weapons page to see how your damage is affected by damage 2.0. The report is affected by the checkboxes you checked (multishot, damage vs faction, critical). Please check if values are good.

-You can set a custom rate of fire, simply click on the rate of fire value. This was done to help you get more accurate damage values for non automatic weapons. A normaly excited person trying to aim can click 7 times average in one second, and with 16 fire rate on non automatic weapons, values were too far from reality. Click on the arrow to the right to reset to the original value.

-Fixed charge damage and accuracy bonuses from mods.

-Fixed various translation mistakes in the english version.

-Fixed a case where you can see +damage from 2 different factions.

-Fixed Dark Dagger


[uPDATE] February, 11st.

Secondary weapons fixed/updated : Akbronco, Bronco, Bronco Prime, Akbolto, Bolto, Aklato, Akstiletto, Cestra, Despair, Hikou, Seer, Twin Gremlins


[uPDATE] February, 10th.

-Added more stats on the weapons builder page for primary and secondary weapons. Burst DPS and sustained DPS are now displayed.

-Improved the way the critical multiplier and the critical chance adds damage [to the current damage] when the box is checked.

-Added a charged/non charged link to toggle from charged to non charged damage on all weapons that have a charged attack.

-Fixed (again) mods with reload speed. + reload speed will decrease the reload speed value, - reload speed will increase the value.

-Critical value can't be more than 100% now.

-Fixed various weapon stats.


[uPDATE] February, 6th.

-Almost everything updated to U12. See next line for missing informations.

-Datas from Zephyr mods are missing as well as datas for the Frost mods Avalanche and Freeze and Saryn's Molt.


[uPDATE] February, 5th.

-Fixed Bastille duration at max rank (25s to 15s).

-Fixed cost color when switching a mod from a polarized slot to a reverse polarized slot.

-Added reset button next to the export link. You can click safely, there's a confirmation box.

-Updated help text.


[uPDATE] February, 4th.

-Added helmets for Warframes. There could be incorrect values, actually all the bonuses from the helmets act like the bonuses of the mods. I know some bonus should apply after the bonus of the mods mods, or some other apply to the base stat... I'll wait for more concrete datas to update this. Feel free to report anything not going as expected.

-You can now export build without mods (i.e. with only new polarities).

-Updated help text with new features.


[uPDATE] February, 2nd.

-The report now display how the mods affect your skills. All datas are from the wiki. The wiki may be wrong, and I may have made mistakes, so please report any wrong data you find

-The list of mods will scroll to its top position when you use the 'filter by name' field, allowing all mods to be displayed

-Added a shorter URL for sharing your builds, you can choose the long or the short link

-Updated help text with new features

-Paralysis is now an uncommon mod

-Added favicon (uber feature)


[uPDATES] January.

[uPDATE] January, 30th.

-Added new mod, Aviator

-Added new secondary weapon, Akmagnus

-You can now see how these stats [critical value, multishot, damage vs faction] affect your damage. Use the checkbox to see how the values change. If you use the critical checkbox, the damages will be multiplied by the critical value. If you use the multishot checkbox, damages will be multiplied by this percentage, so with 100% multishot, the damage value will double. And if you use the faction damage checkbox, you should see how your base damages are increased against this faction. Please note that actually you can check more that one damage faction checkbox (i.e corpus and infected damage). If you do that, you'll see the bonus from both mods. This will be fixed later, you will be able to only use one faction damage checkbox.

-Total damage stat added

-Updated Akmagnus stats


[uPDATE] January, 29th.

-You can display a report on the Warframe builder page to see how the mods affect your build. Click on the 'Report' link on the right side to show the report. Informations about how the mods affect your skills could be available later. Try it with the Rhino Build

-Fixed Flux Rifle damage


[uPDATE] January, 27th.

-Now you can change the language without losing anything on the build page (both weapons and warframes). Everything will be saved, translated, then reloaded.


[uPDATE] January, 24th.

-Added all melee weapons and all mods for these weapons

-Default language set to english

-Added support for letters with accents

-The help text is no longer underlined in Safari


[uPDATE] January, 22nd.

-Added all secondary weapons and all mods for these weapons. Thanks for the help for the translation.

-Added new rifle, Tetra

-Help button is now available in the top left corner. Mouve your mouse cursor over to see the help tooltip.

-Fixed punch through display value


[uPDATE] January, 21st.

-Added launchers

-Added missing mod for rifles, Rupture


[uPDATE] January, 20th.

-Added Bows, Snipers, Shotguns and all the mods you could need for these weapons.


[uPDATE] January, 18th.

-Language selection added.

-English language added. Thanks to the persons who helped for the translation. You can switch languages clicking the flags in the top right corner. If you already exported some builds, you better export them one more time to get the new link. Builds exported with the new version will be translated to the user language when he'll click on the link to see the build. The language will be stored in a cookie, be sure your browser can accept them.

-Rifles and rifles mods added. All informations about the effect of installed mods should be displayed to the right. This includes damage, elemental combinations, critical and status chances, accuracy, rate of fire, reload, magazine, multishot, punch through, damage vs faction, and many more. Weapons stats are the stats from the Wiki.

-The remaining points will be calculated correctly when loading a build.

-Added a counter to see how much formas you need for the build.

-Added a field to filter mods by name or partial name.

-Equilibrium is now an uncommon mod.

-Dragging and dropping an aura mod a second time into the aura slot won't give you more points.

-Exporting a previously loaded build will give you the correct link.

-The vertical scrollbar won't show for no reasons when exporting the build or changing a polarity.

-Added a link to this thread to report any problems you find.


Original message



first of all, I'm french, so please excuse my english. So, here's a project I've been working on for the last weeks, a Warframe Builder, or at least, a beta version of a Warframe Builder.


The idea is pretty simple, emulate the in-game interface in your web browser and give you the opportunity to create builds for Warframes and weapons and share them with others. I called it beta version, because actually, you only have the possibility to create builds for Warframes, and everything is in french. More languages and weapons builds will come in the future.


As the first working release, it could not work as expected sometimes. I made a lot of tests, but it was small scale tests. Larger scale tests should help to find the last problems. That's what I'm looking for now, before I can add the rest. Here are the current possibilities :


- Create builds for all the Warframes

- Use formas and Orokin reactors

- Equip all mods and set their rank

- Sort mods to find them easily

- Export your build to share it


It's also very simple to use. I'll add a help button later in the application.


- To set the level of the warframe, just click on the current level and type the value you want

- To add or remove an orokin reactor, click on the icon to toggle it

- To add, change or remove a polarity, click the forma, and after the slot you want (the slot must be empty)

- To equip a mod, simply drag it to a slot. You can switch equiped mods or a mod from the lsit with an equiped mod

- To remove a mod, double click on it

- To set the rank of a mod, move the mouse over to see the + and - buttons on the right side of the mod

- You can scroll the list of the mods with the mousewheel only when you are over the scrollbar. Using the scrollbar arrows 'top' and 'bottom' will scroll an entire page.


The application should work on these up to date browsers. There's no support for older versions or other browsers :


- Chrome (recommended)

- Internet Explorer

- Safari

- Firefox

- Opera


As I said before, I want to get rid of all the problems. If you encounter any problem, please post here and describe the problem so I can try to fix it. In the near future, I'll probably need some help for the translation in other languages. If you are interested in helping or supporting me, for the translation or for any other thing, please leave a word here too.


The most important thing now, the link :

And here's an exported Rhino build I made for testing : Rhino Build


Have fun.

Can you please update the mod list so two rows of mod show instead of just one row its kind of annoying to scroll through one row of mods .... thats my only beef with the site is for now.

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Minor correction that needs to be made:


The polarity for the Four Riders stance should to be swapped from D to V.


Not to harp on you Stoi, but this hasn't been rectified. It's a relatively easy fix.

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I'd just like to thank OP for this. It has served me very well and allows me to work on modding while using my laptop, instead of being at my Gaming PC. Thanks!

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Not to harp on you Stoi, but this hasn't been rectified. It's a relatively easy fix.




Can you please update the mod list so two rows of mod show instead of just one row its kind of annoying to scroll through one row of mods .... thats my only beef with the site is for now.


The problem is that the people with a lower screen resolution (900px height or under) will have a vertical scrolling when the time will come to put the mods in.

Edited by Stoi84

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Weapon data bug: Rakta Ballistika has 0% crit chance and 0x crit multiplier in builder

Do you happen to know what the non-charged crit chance and multi is? It's not listed on the wiki.

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Do you happen to know what the non-charged crit chance and multi is? It's not listed on the wiki.

Ah I see. My mistake.

Edited by demminik

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Excalibur now has 225 base armor as of U16.9. Excalibur Prime has 250.


Rj was dropped to the 3rd ability, 4th is something new (just list it as 250 dmg * power strength, -3 energy per second * efficiency, 40m range * range%). Super Jump removed. SD was changed as well but I'm not sure on the specifics. I'd give it a while for the wiki to update with the details.

Edited by Darzk

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I'll update the new Excalibur next week.

Can you please add the " two rows of mods to pick from " to the list so we can make builds quicker :D

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Can you please add the " two rows of mods to pick from " to the list so we can make builds quicker :D

He already answered.
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-Added the Simulor and the Dera Vandal

-Updated Excalibur/Prime

-Updated Rhino's Roar and Stomp


Can you please add the " two rows of mods to pick from " to the list so we can make builds quicker :D

As I said, what is more comfort for you is less for some others. So this would need to be an option, which is more work. Moreover, the mods are scrolling horizontally and are sorted for this type of scrolling. How will the sort work with 2 rows ? The mods from the second row will not be sorted unless I switch to a vertical scrolling, which is more work again. So the answer is no for the moment, you can already filter the mods using the search field, it's not difficult to find the mods you want.

Edited by Stoi84
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Slash Dash's damage values are only displaying Slash damage. From the wiki:


Each strike inflicts 100 / 125 / 200 / 250 base damage.
Base damage is 15% Impact, 15% Puncture, and 70% Slash.
Exalted Blade's stats are not showing the added wave's damage

Every attack will also emit an energy wave in the direction of aim. Energy waves inflict 100 / 125 / 200 / 250 base damage [...]
Base damage is 20% Impact, 10% Puncture, and 70% Slash.
Edited by xlraistlx

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Slash Dash's damage values are only displaying Slash damage.


Think those values are still being worked out. I swear it said equalized I/P/S just earlier today. And 15/15/70 and 20/10/70 sound like the same thing with extrapolation/rounding errors.

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i'm not for sure if you know this already or not, but the tonkor grenade launcher does not show the blast damage when i go to mod it (350 blast damage included with the 75 puncture)

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i'm not for sure if you know this already or not, but the tonkor grenade launcher does not show the blast damage when i go to mod it (350 blast damage included with the 75 puncture)

Click on the text that reads "PRIMARY".

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hm. MK-1 Paris doesn't seem to be 'a Bow'. the other Bows have 'Bow Burst', but MK-1 Paris still has 'Burst DPS', which isn't correct for a Bow.

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Primed Pistol Gambit


Also there are three mods currently only available from the plat packs, to be released tomorrow as Nightmare drops:

Armored Agility

Animal Instinct

Seeking Fury


It's already been announced that Animal Instinct should work on both companions and sentinels. Armored Agility seems to have some discrepancy between the ingame mod and the buyplatinum page, so that might be cleared up tomorrow too.

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