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Mirage Prism ability is not up to date.
- Beam damage should be 250/500 instead of 500/1000 
- The number of beams should be affected by strength mods
- The Prism duration should be affected by duration mods (only the blind duration is affected in warframe builder)

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-Updated Mirage's Prism.
-Updated Ash's Blade Storm.
-Updated the Sicarus Prime.
-Updated the polarities for the Telos Boltace.
-Fixed the picture for the blank sniper.
-Fixed again the reload speed for the Riven mods.
-The riven mods are now available for the secondary weapons and the shotguns.
-Made a change to try to replicate the element combinations that are in reverse order with the Riven mods. Needs testing.
-Fixed the magazine capacity to a minimum of 1 (prevents 0 magazine capacity for the Vectis with Depleted Reload).
-Added the companion Helminth Charger.
-Added the weapons Hema, Hirudo.
-Added the mods Helminth Ferocity, Helminth Hunt, Tether Grenades, Flux Overdrive (stats missing for all ranks besides max rank, not affecting stats).
-Added the Warframe Nidus.

To precisely set the fire rate for the Hema, I'll need a video recorded at 60fps of multiple clips emptied with a fast fire macro. For now, I just put random values to match the fire rate in the arsenal.

Edit : I made a few changes with the ads and it may look a bit slow too load. I've reached media.net about this and I'll try to find a solution.

Edit : Uploaded a missing file related to the details of the skills for the Warframes. Should display more data for Nidus as well as some other fixes for Mirage and Ash.

Edited by Stoi84
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Next list



  • 19.10.0 Added sentinel Taxon


  • 19.7.0 Added melee weapon Ohma
  • 19.8.1 Added AkLex Prime
  • 19.10.0 Added Taxon's Weapon, Artax (primary).


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On 24.1.2017 at 3:41 PM, Stoi84 said:

The pages should load way faster now, the ads are now loaded asynchronously, in other words, not interfering with the load of the page.

Yes! The site is very fast now that the ads load after everything else. I don't really mind seeing ads there, since I white-list sites that I frequent to support them, but it was a bit annoying to wait for them all to load before I could access the main content.

Thank you for these awesome updates Stoi84!

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Not sure how hard this will be to implement but is it possible to have multishot not increase status chance on continuous weapons? Firerate increase the status chance for them and not multishot. 

Its kinda confusing having a build planned out with a riven and in game turns out multishot dont increase the status chance on continuous weapons.

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There's a couple issues with companions in the builder right now. First, Bite (max rank) gives +330% Crit Chance and 220% Crit damage. Kavats have 20% Crit Chance and 2.0 Crit damage. Kubrows have 10% Crit Chance and 3.0x Crit Damage. With a max rank Bite, they should have 86%, 6.4x and 43%, 9.6x respectively. Instead, they are showing as 64%, 8.6x and 32%, 6.9x - the builder is adding 330% Crit *damage* and 220% Crit *chance*, the opposite of what it should be.


Also, Kubrows have 304 slash damage baseline and 3.0x Crit Damage. The builder only gives them 120 slash damage and 1.6x Crit Damage.

Edited by Drathe
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Two things stoi.
One, does warframe give you any kind of funding or support for your sight? They really should, it's one of the most amazing tools to date.

Two, the orvius charged attack is having issues with modded elemental combos showing "NaN", thus making overall damage effectively "NaN". If it's an unsolvable issue, that's perfectly fine. As you know, the Orvius has a secondary feature that gives it a DoT cold proc in a channelled throw. In warframe builder, it allows a single element to combine with the cold damage from the throw, but a secondary elemental throws it out of whack. Lemme know what the issue is and if you have an idea to check it out.

Thanks Stoi

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I'll look into this error when I'll work on the next update. I can't tell right now what's causing this. WB is not associated with DE in any way.

Regarding the various comments about new or missing features. Please not that I don't have much time to work on WB, and I usually only fix the biggest problems and add the missing stuff. The files are a mess, it's 3 years old code for some of them, and it's a bit complicated to put my nose again in these files.

Edited by Stoi84
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I would love being able to search for all of a particular auther their builds or being able to link to all of your own builds.

I know you probably don't have the time / resources to do this.

Anyway thanks for keeping up such a useful tool for the community.

If you need help hit me up <3 ~

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Hi Stoi, Great work as usual. Two hopefully quick fixes to melee mods?

Condition Overload doesn't seem to work. For each status effect (with a duration) on the enemy, you get 1.6x damage. So it's a multiplier of 1.6^n, n being status procs. You can apply up to 9 procs that have a duration, doesn't have to come from the melee. If you could implement a quick thing like the Berserker levels where you select the levels, that would be swell.

Maiming Strike requires that you use the spin/slide attack, but each individual weapon has a slide attack multiplier, (I think dual weapons hit twice, so they get a better spin attack)  which isn't applied to the DPS. It might be more complicated when you apply it to the resistances in the details tab, because you have to separate the individual elemental components. Perhaps do SpinBaseDmg/Sum(BaseDmg) = SpinMult? Should vary from 2-5 IIRC.


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Have some (easily?) correctable information about some weapons and sentinel mods.

Paris Prime, Rakta Cernos, Quanta, Mutalist Quanta, Quanta Vandal, and Ignis' base damages are incorrect. Both charged and non-charged for the bows.

Sentinel mods "Vitality" and "Redirection" were renamed to "Enhanced Vitality" and "Calculated Redirection"

Sentinel mod "Primed Regen" is missing. "Vacuum" description outdated (now states range).


E: As noted before stoi, if youre ever looking for someone to help you out, I'm still offering.

Edited by Kalbintion
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Concerning the base damage, please check that the checkbox on the critical values line is unchecked.

For the rest, reporting stuff with links is enough to help, thanks, I'll see this in the next update.

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I don't know if this only affects Gmail, but requesting a new password doesn't work.  Despite filling in the correct information. and the Recover Password confirmation window popping up, the email never arrives.  Nothing's blocked, and it doesn't even appear in the Spam folder.

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