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Here's for the update.

  • Added the following weapons:
    • Prisma Twin Gremlins
    • Zylok 
    • Phantasma
  • Added the Warframe Revenant.
  • Updated the following weapons:
    • Torid (damage and status chance) 
    • Rakta Cernos (normal shot damage/crit)
    • Mutalist Cernos (normal shot damage/crit + poison cloud, added punch through to charged shot) 
    • Cernos (normal shot crit) 
    • Cernos Prime (normal shot crit/number of bullets)
    • Paris (normal shot crit, charged shot punch through)
    • Paris Prime (normal shot crit, charged shot punch through)
    • MK-1 Paris (normal shot damage/crit/status, charged shot status/puch through)
  • Updated the following mods:
    • Relentless Assault (description)
    • Path of Statues (now affected by duration mods)
  • Updated the following abilities:
    • Molecular Prime (slow debuff capped to 75%) 
    • Antimatter Drop (added the type of damage)
    • Invisibility (removed the melee damage bonus)
  • The Firestorm mod can now be equipped on the Javlok
  • Removed the incentive message to vote on builds under the logo

Let me know if you find any issue with this.

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Il y a 9 heures, SODXIII a dit :

Is there an actual way for exalted blade (and umbra) to take into consideration when chromatic blade is installed on the frame?


I should be able to do something like the Artemis bow with the Concentrated Arrow mod, adding another tab. But I think the tab would only consider the status chance, not the element change. I'll see this when I have the time to add this and if the element change can be an option, but you should only count on the status for now.

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Send me a private message with your account identifier, I'll have a look. I can log in just fine and no changes were made to the account system recently (since the end of May). I'll probably be able to tell you what the issue is as soon as I'll get your username.

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Dear OP and Warframe Builder,


Can you please fix the recover account and forgot password opitions: I cannot even tell what this thing is asking you get 2 blank fields with no text as to what to put in each and a Key.


Can you please fix this to allow the first field to accept recoverable email address and the second field to accept secret key

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The password recovery is working as expected. There's a new account system since the end of May, and thus a new way to recover your password, and you had the first three weeks of May to convert your account to this new system. If you missed this, your only option is to request a new account, the old one cannot be recovered. 

It seems like you're reading the recovery form in the wrong direction. The first field is for the secret key, the second one for the captcha. The secret key has nothing to do with the captcha, it's something related to the new system, you'll get this key when you request an account. I'll make this a little clearer in a next update.

I explained many times why the account system had to change, you won't have any problems to find the reasons that led to these changes if you are interested, it's in this topic.

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Explosion Radius and Expansion Speed of Mag's Polarize differ from the wiki. 14m and 7.5m/s vs Wiki's 8m and 5.9m/s.

20 hours ago, GenericOverusedName said:

Is there a way to calculate exalted weapons with this? I am trying to see how stupid I can make Titania.

Exalted Weapons are found in the Weapons section - Dex Pixia in Secondary Weapons and Diwata in Melee Weapons.

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Nothing planned until next week at the very minimum for an update. I caught my annual cold and it kills me for a minimum of 5 days each time. I'm just a zombie during that time. I'll let you guys know when I start working on an update.

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@Stoi84 Came across an issue where Vicious Spread wasn't being calculated in the 'Weapon comparator' tool. Base accuracy stayed the same while having a maxed out Vicious spread. I was using the trigris prime when I noticed it.

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Hey just thought I'd report that the base IPS stats for the Lato Vandal are all wrong in the builder.

Impact: 6.9 in-game vs 9.4 in the builder 
Slash: 27.6 in-game vs 37.6 in the builder
Puncture: 11.5 in-game vs 15.686 in the builder

Everything else is fine but the IPS are way off.  

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The values are good. By default, the critical values are used in the math. This is why you see different values. You can disable this by unticking the checkbox next to the critical values.

From the very first post of this topic.

Le 14/01/2014 à 01:20, Stoi84 a dit :

Q: Why are the damage values different in Warframe Builder and in-game?
A: There are many reasons that will cause the values displayed on Warframe Builder to be different than the values you'll see in-game. The two most important reasons are that Warframe Builder uses the critical values into the calculation to affect the damage and that the damage displayed in for a whole shot (click), thus including all the bullets. One other reason is how rounding values are handled, but the difference is barely noticeable for this case.

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