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The credentials for the accounts are randomly generated. There's no personal or sensible data involved in the account system, if we can call this an account system, because it's just a randomly generated username and a randomly generated password to retrieve your saved builds. There's nothing to steal, the only thing you can lose is your builds, but I don't think anyone will try to intercept your data just to get rid of your builds. So until I have more free time in the future to dedicate to this, unfortunately, nothing will change.

Set bonuses aren't working, I already stated this many times in the last weeks, they are too much work right now, I don't have the time for this. The only thing working is the Umbra set if I recall correctly. This is not a definitive no, it's just that I don't have the time for this right now.


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Okay, here we go...

Fortuna has arrived, and with it we have a ton of new content. I'm sure these will probably take some time to add, but here is the full list of new additions (to my knowledge):

New warframe:

New weapons:

New robotic companions:

  • Oxylus (sentinel)
  • Para (Moa model)
  • Lambeo (Moa model)
  • Oloro (Moa model)
  • Note: Moas are a new type of companion. They are able to equip (most) mods in the "Companion", "Robotic", and "Moa" categories. They can also equip robotic weapons (previously known as sentinel weapons). They are also modular, like Zaws, which Warframe Builder doesn't seem to support yet. This means that the models don't have fixed stats, as the stats are determined by their other parts.

New robotic weapons:

New Kitgun chambers (modular secondary weapons):

  • Catchmoon Chamber
  • Gaze Chamber
  • Rattleguts Chamber
  • Tombfinger Chamber
  • Note: These are similar to Zaws, which Warframe Builder doesn't seem to support yet. So maybe you can just ignore these if you don't care to support modular weapons.

New precept mods for the Oxylus sentinel:

New precept mods for Moas:

New mod for Sentinel companions:

New mods for Beast companions (Kavats and Kubrows):

New Synth mod set:

New Tek mod set:

New Mecha mod set:

New mods for archwing melee:

New mods for archwing guns:

New K-Drive boards:

  • Needlenose
  • Flatbelly
  • Bad Baby
  • Note: This is an entirely new equipment category, as a new type of vehicles similar to archwings. They have no abilities or stat differences though, and the differences are entirely cosmetic, so it might make more sense for Warframe Builder to just have a single generic "K-Drive" vehicle to store builds. All you really need to know is that K-Drives have 8 mod slots, rank up to 30 like other pieces of equipment, and can take Orokin Reactors and Formas.

New K-Drive mods:

Note: For anything that is not linked to a wiki page above, it's because there is no wiki page yet, due to the content being new. I will try to update this post when the wiki is updated, and will make a new post when everything has a wiki page. I know you'll likely need the data from the wiki to add everything. I thought it would be best to write out this entire list already, so it's obvious how much new content there is, and so that work can start being done in the meantime for the things that are on the wiki.


There are also some items from a previous update still missing on Warframe Builder.

Missing mods:


In addition to all of the above, many of the companion mods have changed categories, either in name only, or in terms of who can actually equip the mods. This is due to the new concept of "Robotic" and "Beast" categories. The "Companion" outer category contains the "Robotic" and "Beast" sub-categories. The "Beast" category contains the "Kubrow" and "Kavat" sub-categories. The "Robotic" category contains the "Sentinel" and "Moa" sub-categories. In general, sentinels and Moas can both equip "Robotic" mods. In general, any kind of companion can equip "Companion" mods - but there are exceptions.

This list is probably not going to be exhaustive, but it's the best I can do at the present time from looking at the mods I own and comparing against what Warframe Builder currently displays:

  • Mods that changed to the Beast category: All of the Hunter mods, Scavenge, Hastened Deflection.
  • Mods that changed to the Robotic category: Guardian, Medi-Ray, Shield Charger, Vacuum, Sanctuary, Coolant Leak.
  • Hastened Deflection is now equippable on Kavats and the Helminth Charger, which makes sense as it is a Beast mod. As far as I can tell, this mod doesn't even exist on Warframe Builder though, despite it not being new.
  • Several Companion mods, for some strange reason, are really only equippable on Kubrows and Kavats. Link Health is an example of this. This means no change is needed on Warframe Builder.


I hope that helps to give you all the information you need to work on the update. Good luck with all that. Take your time.

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That's indeed a lot. This list is at least very readable and should help to keep my motivation a bit up towards all these things to add. Thanks for this.

On a more global note, so to everyone. I'm not gonna lie, I'll be very busy in the next weeks, it's the final stretch for the release of my kinetic novel, and I'm mostly focused on this and keeping my mind fresh because this is a lot of stress. So considering this, no ETA for this update. Don't ask for it, I'll not give any ETA. I'll add everything that is in the list above assuming there's no completely new feature that needs to be developed (i.e Kitguns won't be added). I'll probably do that in multiple little updates over the next weeks, trying to start with the most important things in my opinion like Garuda, weapons, and mods for Warframes/weapons.


And I'm trying one last time here for something not related to Warframe-Builder. I guess I can hijack my topic a bit. I'm still looking for a very good native English speaker for a big task related to my novel, namely, reading it and fixing as most as possible issues/typos/etc with the English translation. Little reward planned, but you should not come for this in priority. PM if interested.

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First Fortuna update + missing things.

  • Added Garuda.
  • Added the following weapons:
    • Kreska
    • Nagantaka
    • Battacor (the values for the rate of fire are guessed to match the final value on the wiki)
    • Ocucor 
    • Pupacyst
    • Falcor
  • Added the following mods:
    • Mending Splinters
    • Cautious Shot 
    • Power Donation
  • Added a new option in the Details tab for each Warframe. This option allows you to set the number of Power Donation mods (0/1/2/3) equipped by your allies in the party.
  • Slightly fixed the rank bonuses for Nidus as well as display issues related to this.
  • Fixed the energy value for Oberon Prime.
  • Fixed Blood Rush to not give crit chance with a combo counter value of 1x. All other crit values for all other combo counter values seem to be good, according to this: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Blood_Rush
  • Fixed the number of pellets for the Corinth.

The continuation probably next week.

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Il y a 7 heures, Shai a dit :

Can you please explain how the scoring system works?

Those who requested an account can "like" builds. Each "like" equals one point, and the "likes" disappear 90 days after they were given to ensure that the new builds can catch the older ones if they are worth it.

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On 2014-01-14 at 12:20 AM, Stoi84 said:

Warframe Builder is an online tool that lets you plan the builds and save them for all of your items in Warframe.

The link: http://warframe-builder.com/


Q: I found a problem or something missing on Warframe Builder, how can I report it?
A: Use this topic. If something is missing, please include links to the wiki for each item. If you encounter a problem that can only be reproduced under certain circumstances, please describe the steps to reproduce the issue and provide a link to a build if necessary.

Q: Can I translate Warframe Builder into my language?
A: Translating into other languages is currently suspended because it's a lot of (too much) work for me too, even if you manage to do all the translation.

Q: Why are the damage values different in Warframe Builder and in-game?
A: There are many reasons that will cause the values displayed on Warframe Builder to be different than the values you'll see in-game. The two most important reasons are that Warframe Builder uses the critical values into the calculation to affect the damage and that the damage displayed in for a whole shot (click), thus including all the bullets. One other reason is how rounding values are handled, but the difference is barely noticeable for this case.

Q: How can I save my builds and vote or bookmark other's builds?
A: You need an account to do this. Requesting an account takes only a few seconds and doesn't require any personal data. Please read carefully the information provided when requesting an account to understand how the system works, especially the part about the recovery of your account.

Q: How long does it take for the new items to be added or the old ones to be updated, when applicable?
A: There'll never be any global ETA for this. I'm working on Warframe Builder when I have the time, which not always coincide with the updates of the game. I usually add the missing things and update the outdated ones in a very reasonable delay. The best thing you can do to speed up the process is to list every missing/outdated item with links to the wiki and a quick explanation of the expected changes. You can also keep an eye on this topic, I often let everyone know when I start working on an update.

Q: I want to find you in-game to play with you, won't I bother you?
A: It's not a matter of bothering me or not, you'll simply not find me in-game. I stopped playing to Warframe somewhere around early 2015 and I have no plan to come back.

Q: Which language can I use to talk to you?
A: If you want to say something in this topic, it's best to stick to English so that everyone can follow what's going on. I'll answer in French when necessary, but again, it's better if you can write what you have to say in English. Both languages will be fine for private messages. All other languages will be ignored.


When I'm trying to replicate my lanka build from xbox on your site its giving completely different numbers, for instance on your site its saying lankas base electricity is 250, according to the wiki an uncharged shot is 200 and a charged is 525. Xbox only shows a charged shot by the looks of it as it says lankas base electricity is 525. Trying t replicate my numbers from xbox on your site to make a better build is impossible when the numbers are all over the place.


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Hey man, I hate to bother you because I'm sure you've been burnt out on working on this thing for awhile anyway. And I do really appreciate all the work that you put into this tool, it is so valuable to the community. But, I have a small feature request which I think could really improve the versatility of Warframe-Builder. Adding a "status procs per second" would really help showcase the power of status weapons in a clear way while eliminating some confusion around multishot mechanics and saving players time by skipping over some napkin math. Again, I totally understand if you have no desire to implement something like this, and perhaps other people have even requested it before, but I just wanted to put it out there anyway, just in case you ever get the time to do it sometime in the future. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and as always thank you for your work on the tool, cheers.

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I simply can't say if I have the time for this since I don't really understand what this value would reflect. I'm not saying I don't understand in the sense it's useless, no, it's just that I stopped playing to Warframe something like 3 or 4 years ago and this just makes no sense to me without the knowledge of the game as it is right now.

Which weapons would be affected by this? How would this value be calculated, what should this value reflect? Is there still something like status/sec? I remember it was a thing on Warframe-Builder, but got removed but I can't remember why.

Adding a simple additional line showing the result of a single calculation is not a problem, more could be depending on what it is.

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I think what he means is just a generic calculation for all weapons based on status chance, fire rate, and multishot. For example, a weapon with a 50% status chance, 10 shots per second, and 100% multishot, would have 5 status procs per second on average. SaxPanther can correct me if he means something else though. I imagine this would be simple enough to add for most weapons, but for more unusual weapons that involve multiple attacks (e.g. Lenz) it could be more complicated. I'm not sure if it could be done for melee weapons at all due to the complexity of stances.

Out of curiosity, why don't you play Warframe anymore, for so long? Do you not enjoy it anymore?

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Il y a 1 heure, SteveCutler a dit :

 Out of curiosity, why don't you play Warframe anymore, for so long? Do you not enjoy it anymore?


I rarely come back to the games I played before. I usually stop when I have enough and before the game becomes a chore to me in order to keep a good memory of it. I had a great time on Warframe during the year or so I was playing it, but I often look for new experiences.

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