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Il y a 15 heures, VeryTough a dit :

Which amount of target armor is assumed in dps calculation  (details link in the weapon page , under the specification of the modded weapon ) ?

Probably 0 since I don't remember adding something like this to the formula. You can say it's raw damage +/- the bonuses against certain types.

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i think yes... i mean... with corrosive procs every shot would decrease the armor of the target increasing the damage... but at least the first shot would be correct and would provide some insight about how good a non corruption build can be... i suppose (if you want) this could  evolve in the future in a damage model of the first 10 shots... it's obviously up to you... if you think this can be a good thing for you app... for sure it will help ppl to understand the "true" dps of a build against an armored target.

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Replaced corruption with corrosive
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Le 14/01/2014 à 01:20, Stoi84 a dit :

Q: Why are the damage values different in Warframe Builder and in-game?
A: There are many reasons that will cause the values displayed on Warframe Builder to be different than the values you'll see in-game. The two most important reasons are that Warframe Builder uses the critical values into the calculation to affect the damage and that the damage displayed in for a whole shot (click), thus including all the bullets. One other reason is how rounding values are handled, but the difference is barely noticeable for this case.


From the very first message.

Le 20/12/2018 à 06:51, Emmarel a dit :

Hema status is at 57.813% base instead of 25%. Small bug.


It's because the value displayed in Warframe-Builder is not the status chance, but the status probability. it's the chance that at least one proc is triggered by the shot, including all the bullets.

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I think I found a bug (unless I don't understand some mechanic), with combined-element damage calculation. Here's a testcase in a form of a build:


In that build:

First of all, uncheck the multishot and crit chance multipliers for lower numbers.

Then either: 
1. Edit the riven to have some cold damage (I had mine at 80%)
2. Replace Infected clip with Primed Cryo rounds.
Result: Watch the damage drop insanely, eventhough base damage should obviously be increasing due to higher percentage on primed mod.

OR test it with normal mods (primed cryo rounds / Infected clip): 

1. Remove the riven and see ho much toxin damage the build has (2850)
2. Replace infected clip with primed cryo rounds and see how much cold pure cold damage the build has (4612)
3. Put Infected Clip into an empty slot.

Result: Toxic 2850 + Cold 4612 = 27224 Viral (over 3 times what it should be).

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The Lenz isn't working properly, it works way differently than other weapons when it comes to elemental damage, and I didn't have the time nor the motivation to fix this one yet. If the problem only occurs with the Lenz, then it's normal, it's still WIP with no ETA, unfortunately.

Il y a 17 heures, Mifune013 a dit :

Is there an ETA for the next update? I'm guessing either just before the New Years or a little bit after.

No ETA, but be sure that I know there are pending things that are missing and/or need to be fixed.

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So we can get riven stats saved but not user created logins?

How about simplifying the Riven stats by opening a Dialog Box when you Double Click on a riven that lets you input riven stats and polarity?


Im sure its been requested a bunch as well but please add AKJagara Prime

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I hope I can have the update ready by the end of the week. It's already well advanced, but there's a lot of things, more than I expected. At the latest, early next week. That's all I can say.

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15 hours ago, Stoi84 said:

I'll make the beam mods compatible with the blank rifle, shotgun, and pistol. Considering the amount of things to add with this update, that's the best I can do for now.

You sir are an absolute star! Thank you very much for your work and a happy new year to you 🙂

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Could anyone explain to me how Nyx's Absorb skill works? I don't mind displaying values I don't really understand, but there's maybe a better way to display them with an understanding of the skill.

The values for intermediate ranks for the mods Cold Arrival and Mad Stack could be helpful too.

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I know that it would take quite some database space to implement this:

But is it possible to enable comments on builds?

Someone could make the best, or the worst possible build. and nobody would know. as not many people use the "Thumbs up" feature.

Adding a comments section for each build would allow users to discuss the builds, and also point out flaws. this in turn will improve the quality of the builds that are posted. 

Also this site promotes raw dps over anything else in weapons.
I know that it would be hard to calculate the effects weapons, or certain mods do. but right now the "top builds"  are often terrible in the game itself, simply because they have high raw dps, but nothing else to them. adding a comments section to each build, would help filter those builds out.

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