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With the next big update, The Old Blood, being released today it will take some time for Warframe Builder to reflect all of the changes that happened between frame reworks, minor frame modifications, to the large amount of mods being introduced/changed, the new melee systems, melee stats, etc. We will post when those updates are all finished.

If you want to help the process go faster, at least indirectly, head over to the warframe wiki (warframe.fandom.com) and start updating melee weapons stats, etc as we will be pulling directly from there for updating those values when it appears most, if not all, melee weapons have been updated.

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First part of the update.

-Added the new exilus slot for primary and secondary weapons. Until more data is available, these slots have no polarity on Warframe Builder. Old builds should still work.
-Added Grendel.
-Added the sentinel weapon Deth Machine Rifle Prime.
-Fixed a typo for the mod Insatiable.
-Fixed the name of the mod Guided Ordnance (previously, Guided Ordinance).
-Fixed the name of the mod Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation (previously, Primed Pistol Mutation).
-Fixed an issue where changing the polarity of a stance slot when a stance mod was equipped would not update the total points.
-Fixed the mod Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation to not be equippable on bows and snipers.
-Updated many mods for primary/secondary weapons to be considered as exilus mods.
-Updated the stats and/or cost for many mods, and English description of these mods when needed.
-For mods, and for English language only. Replaced occurrences of "power max" by "energy max", "power duration" by "ability duration", "power range" by "ability range",  "power efficiency" by "ability efficiency", power strength" by "ability strength", and updated the rest of the text of these mods when necessary.
-Fixed incompatibility between normal and primed version not being applied for some mods.
-Removed channeling from melee weapons.

There was a lot of changes involved in this update, it's not impossible that something goes wrong. Please report any issue you find with as many details as possible.

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Another site update:

  • Exilus Slots now have polarity values assigned for most primary + secondary weapons. We are missing a few and would like feedback on them to get them properly updated with the correct polarity.

The weapons we are missing exilus polarity values for are (hidden in spoilers to not make the page extra long):

  • Primaries
  • Spoiler


  • Secondaries
  • Spoiler
    Bronco prime
    Lato vandal

Also, work is still being done on getting the Vauban and Ember rework updated on the site, and as I am the one working on that portion I hope to have it done in the next few days but we will see if time permits. We are also still working on getting the entirety of the melee changes completed along with all the mod changes. Thanks for waiting thus far.


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