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Il y a 16 heures, Albion-the-Asinine a dit :

I believe I had mentioned this before, but, would it be possible to ask for an extra tab on the exalted weapons, Desert Wind and Exalted Blade (Umbra too), that features stats related to when they use Reactive Storm or Chromatic Blade?

Possible yes, but no ETA for now. The way the status is affected by the Ability Strength for these mods is not something that is implemented yet and will require more than just adding a new tab. Should not take that long though.

Il y a 6 heures, XennethKeisere a dit :

Convectrix is listed at 30%. It's now at 45% per beam since Status update. 😃


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On 2020-04-20 at 2:22 PM, (PS4)ru2cool said:

Please add the Balefire Surge / Blazing Pillage augment mods for Hildryn.

Blazing Pillage is already on our to-do list per the H27.3.14 update but was unaware Balefire Surge got missed in 27.1 - Thanks for bringing that up.

Current progress on next site update can be seen in this image: https://imgur.com/6JNwvk5


Edit: The augment mods have been marked off the list compared to when that image was taken

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Site Updates: H27.3.9 to H27.3.16


  • Fixed Hildryn abilities not capping as reported here (thanks ru2cool)


  • Updated Kuva Quartakk Aiming Firing Mode status % reported here (Thanks XennethKeisere)


  • Added Spellbound Harvest
  • Added Tribunal
  • Added Catapult
  • Added Blazing Pillage
  • Added Balefire Surge
  • Updated Gladiator Set to be 10% bonus reported here (Thanks Uwtig)
  • Updated Wildfire description reported here (Thanks Soraxel)
  • Updated a ton of mods descriptions to match in-game and for icons (EN only at this time)
    • For full list, see spoiler below

Sweeping Serration
Buzz Kill
Fanged Fusillade
Jagged Edge
Razor Shot
Sawtooth Clip
Rending Turn
Astral Slash
Zodiac Shred
Razor Munitions
Sharpened Blade
Hunter Munitions
Hunter Command
Hunter Adrenaline
Hunter Recovery
Hunter Synergy
Hunter Track

Concussion Rounds
Heavy Trauma
Primed Heavy Trauma
Collision Force
Full Contact
Crash Course
Battering Maneuver
Comet Rounds
Crash Shot
Meteor Crash
Comet Blast
Gale Kick

Piercing Hit
No Return
Sundering Strike
Accelerated Blast
Rending Strike
Piercing Caliber
Breach Loader
Auger Strike
Ripper Rounds
Shred Shot
Impaler Munitions
Serrated Edges
Nebula Bore
Quasar Drill

Magma Chamber
Searing Steel
Flame Gland

Cold Arrival



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On 2020-03-24 at 8:46 PM, [DE]Helen said:


Play tricks on your enemies before decimating them as the terrifying temptress, Titania Prime. The mischievous pixie arrives with the Pangolin Prime, Corinth Prime and more!


Titania Prime
Tempting and terrifying, this is Titania in her ultimate form.

Pangolin Prime
Honoring one of the first Tenno clans, their house sword has been beautifully redesigned. With each killing thrust one can almost hear it sing.

Corinth Prime
Heavy in the hand with a bone-crunching kickback. This shotgun has two firing modes: buckshot and grenade projectile.

Titania Prime Glyphs
Display your Titania Prime loyalty.



  • Gigelorum Prime Syandana
  • Bonus: Gigelor Prime Syandana
  • Cicada Prime Skin
  • Titania Prime's signature Archwing skin can be equipped on all Archwings!
  • 90-Day Credit Booster
  • 90-Day Affinity Booster

Get these items instantly with Titania Prime Access or earn Blueprints in-game for Titania Prime, Pangolin Prime and Corinth Prime!

Titania Prime Access begins March 31 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For full regional dates for PS4, please see below:

  • March 31: America
  • April 1: Europe, Oceania, Africa & Asia
  • April 2: Japan

When Titania Prime enters Prime Access, the following items will be entering the Prime Vault:

  • Limbo Prime
  • Pyrana Prime
  • Destreza Prime

March 31 @ 4:15 PM ET - Update:

The Gigelor Prime Syandana has been added to Titania Prime Access on PC!

Consoles can expect this second bonus Syandana added to their Prime Accessories Packs as part of Operation Scarlet Spear: 27.3.0. Those who purchase a Titania Prime Accessories Pack before the Gigelor Prime Syandana is available on their platform will have the bonus Syandana added to their account retroactively.



On 2020-05-01 at 7:15 PM, SyBuhr said:

so basically healing has no scaling potential on defense objectives, and healing is so minimal that it may as well not be worth it. Who thought this was a good idea, when level 30 lancers alone will out DPS the healing provided? 

This is why people are figuratively screaming at you, DE. 


The railjack changes, while great, should have been that way from the start. It's great that you all finally made those changes. Now undo the knee-jerk reaction changes to healing, or atleast make them viable. 500 HP over 5 seconds from Blessing? That is literally nothing in this game. If you seriously want to promote "diversity in builds and playstyles", this is the exact opposite and promotes players to simply cheese the defense objective entirely.


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We are aware of the 27.4.x changes and are making progress toward completing them. This post will serve as a mostly updated reference to what has been completed and what is still on our to-do list.


Anything prefixed with a [ ] has not been completed. Anything prefixed with a [x] has been completed but not made live yet.

Update list for U27.4 onwards
- [x] Update Arch Weapons (U27.4)
   - [x] Agkuza
   - [x] Centaur
   - [x] Corvas
   - [x] Cyngas
   - [x] Dual Decurion
   - [x] Fluctus
   - [x] Grattler
   - [x] Imperator
   - [x] Imperator Vandal
   - [x] Kaszas
   - [x] Knux
   - [x] Kuva Ayanga
   - [x] Larkspur
   - [x] Onorix
   - [x] Phaedra
   - [x] Prisma Veritux
   - [x] Rathbone
   - [x] Velocitus
   - [x] Veritux
- [ ] Update Things for OBJECT AoE Healing (U27.4, Defendable Objects: Healing AoE and Damage Reduction Changes)
   - [x] Gara - Mending Splinters - Heals object for 3hp/s / splinter
   - [x] Hildryn - Haven - Restore 500 max shields
   - [x] Trinity - Blessing - Heal for 500 over 5 sec, no stack
   - [x] Equinox - Mend - Shield restore 500 over 5 sec, no stack
   - [x] Khora - Venari - Heal for 50 hp / sec
   - [x] Hydroid - Curative Undertow - Heal for 100 per 1.5 sec
   - [x] Harrow - Penance - Heal capped up to 50 hp / sec
   - [x] Oberon - Renew - 125 burst heal, 50 hp / sec
   - [x] Inaros - Scarab Swarm - Inherits regular behaviour
   - [x] Nidus - Ravenous - Inherits regular behaviour
   - [x] Wisp - Vitality Mote - Inherits regular behaviour
   - [x] Volt - Capacitance - Capped at 250 shields, no overshields
   - [ ] Titania - Passive - Inherits regular behaviour
- [x] Update Things for OBJECT AoE DR (U27.4, Defendable Objects: Healing AoE and Damage Reduction Changes)
   - [x] Trinity - Blessing - Capped at 50% DR
   - [x] Mirage - Total Eclipse - Capped at 50% DR
   - [x] Gara - Splinter Storm - Capped at 50% DR
   - [x] Ember - Immolated Radiance - Capped at 50% DR
   - [x] Baruuk - Desolate Hands - Capped at 50% DR
   - [x] Harrow - Warding Thurible - Capped at 50% DR
   - [x] Nezha - Warding Halo - Capped at 50% DR
- [x] Update Conclave Mods to PVE mods (U27.4, Conclave Mods Converted to PVE)
   - [x] Rumbled (Atlas, Rumblers Augment)
   - [x] Prism Guard (Mirage, Prism Augment)
   - [x] Purifying Flames (Ember, Fire Blast Augment)
   - [x] Power of Three (Ivara, Quiver Augment)
   - [x] Deceptive Bond (Loki, Decoy Augment)
   - [x] Singularity (Nyx, Absorb Augment)
   - [x] Recharge Barrier (Volt, Electric Shield Augment)
   - [x] Purging Slash (Excalibur, Slash Dash Augment)
   - [x] Ambush Optics (Rubico)
   - [x] Brain Storm (Grakata)
   - [x] Directed Convergence (Supra)
   - [x] Focused Acceleration (Tetra)
   - [x] Shrapnel Rounds (Marelok)
   - [x] Skull Shots (Viper)
   - [x] Double Tap (Latron)
- [x] Update Simulor/Synoid Simulor (U27.4)
- [x] Update Twin Grakatas? (U27.4)
   - "Increased the Status Chance of the Twin Grakatas to match their mechanic of firing 2 rounds at once. "
- [x] Remove ability to use Stance forma on exalted weapons
  - [x] Garuda's Talons can have stance forma (H27.4.3)
- [x] Update Double Tap for non-PVP stats (U27.5.0, text only)
- [x] Add Augment Mods (H27.5.4)
  - [x] Rubble Heap
  - [x] Abundant Mutation
  - [x] Enraged
    - [x] Add a new tab to the Valkyr Talons weapon that is affected by the bonuses from the mod
  - [x] Revealing Spores
- [x] Add Nightwave Mods (U27.5.0)
  - [x] [Deadly Maneuvers](https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Deadly_Maneuvers)
  - [x] [Dizzying Rounds](https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Dizzying_Rounds)
  - [x] [Precision Strike](https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Precision_Strike)
    - [x] Update the values for the reload speed when they are available

**Other Changes/Bug Fixes**
- [x] Update Equinox's Mend to indicate shield restore to allies
- [x] Update Inaros' Scarab Swarm to indicate swarm damage, spread range, spread duration, health restore
- [x] Update various weapons
   - [x] Bolto
   - [x] Akbolto
- [x] Fix for the Condition Overload mod that was not affecting the innate elemental combination damage on weapons (viral, blast, etc)
- [x] Update the Hawk Eye mod to be an Exilus mod.
- [x] Update Ambush Optics to be an Exilus mod

- U27.4 changed AoE Healing of defensive objects
  - Garuda's Blood Siphon was not allowed to heal objectives based on flavor
  - Ancient Healer specter heals for 100 hp every 20 seconds
  - Arcane Pulse inherits regular behaviour
  - when/if we get schools implemented for builds, note that Vazarin's Protective Dash heals objects for 500 over 5 sec, no stacking.
  - Rejuvenation heals for 3hp/s to defense targets, normal behaviour

U27.4: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1189247-warframe-revised-railjack-revisited-part-1-update-274/
H27.4.1: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1189425-warframe-revised-railjack-revisited-part-1-hotfix-2741/
H27.4.2: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1190432-warframe-revised-railjack-revisited-part-1-hotfix-2742/
H27.4.3: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1190778-warframe-revised-railjack-revisited-part-1-hotfix-2743/
H27.4.4: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1191283-warframe-revised-railjack-revisited-part-1-hotfix-2744/
U27.5.0: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1192415-nightwave-series-3-glassmaker-update-2750/
H27.5.1: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1192506-nightwave-series-3-glassmaker-hotfix-2751/
H27.5.2: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1192961-nightwave-series-3-glassmaker-hotfix-2752/
H27.5.3: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1193593-nightwave-series-3-glassmaker-hotfix-2753/
H27.5.4: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1194906-nightwave-series-3-glassmaker-hotfix-2754/
H27.5.5: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1195171-nightwave-series-3-glassmaker-hotfix-2755/


Note: The spoiler formatting is literally copy/pasted from our update PR on the sites private code base, as such, it is intended for markdown via github compared to warframe forums. Attempting to replicate the display here without being a proper update post is needlessly time consuming of a process that could have been spent doing the update instead, as things may be added to this list for the update at a moments notice or rarely removed due to a complication.

Edited by Kalbintion
Updating WIP list
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Warframe builder shows the crit chance increasing with the combo from bloodrush mods, but not from gladiator set mods. also maybe there should be an option on melee weapons for if there are gladiator mods on the frame

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Le 08/05/2020 à 12:40, (XB1)Mainfrezzer a dit :

Hey, i noticed that condition overload calculation doesnt work with inate elemental dmg when you create a blank weapon.

I did a fix for this that'll be online with our next update (no ETA). When it's live, feel free to let us know if it's working as expected or not as I may have forgot something.

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They'll be added, for sure, no ETA yet, but mods, like weapons and Warframe, are usually a priority, so it's possible that they'll be part of our next update.

Edit: I just finished adding these, so they'll be in the next update. Still no ETA for this update, we are very busy with our lives and DE keeps a high pace on adding new things, but not much is missing to complete the update.

Edited by Stoi84
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On 2020-05-28 at 9:16 AM, Stoi84 said:

Can anyone provide the missing stats for the reload speed, for the following mod? Thanks.


The earliest that mod should be available is next week. It's currently unobtainable except thru Nightwave (replaced alerts, kind of like a battle pass in other games).

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Le 03/06/2020 à 08:23, (PS4)Michal_576_ a dit :

gotta say man, the fact that you're constantly keeping up with that website is amazing. your work is truly appreciated by hundred, if not thousands of people who enjoy this game. Thank you for being a good person.

Thanks, but don't forget @Kalbintion, without him the app would have closed already. Warframe Builder is a burden for me and his help allowed for the updates to keep happen over the last year.

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11 hours ago, (PS4)Michal_576_ said:

I just followed him. ❤️

Thanks for the follow! You're the first afaik. 


12 hours ago, Twisted_Wisdom said:

Ambush Optics exilus mod can't be placed in exilus slot in warframe builder

We'll fix this in the next site update. Just as a link to it, see this post for the current progress. I set aside time today to continue working on this update to get it finished.

Edit: Update is done except one frame and defense modification. Awaiting on a response from Stoi for a couple questions I had. Hope to get this month-long-waiting update out in the next few days.

Edited by Kalbintion
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