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U27.4.X TO 27.5.6


  • Updated the following frames for their Defense Target healing info: Gara, Hildryn, Trinity, Equinox, Khora, Hydroid, Harrow, Oberon, Inaros, Nidus, Wisp, Volt
    • Titania was skipped due to the site not fully supporting passives at this time.
  • Updated the following frames for their Defense Target damage reduction info: Trinity, Mirage, Gara, Ember, Baruuk, Harrow, Nezha
  • Valkyr Talons weapon now has new tab for bonuses from the mod Revealing Spores
  • Updated Equinox's Mend ability to show shield restore to allies
  • Updated Inaros' Scarab Swarm to indicate swarm damage, spread range, spread duration, and health restore


  • Updated the following archguns and archmelee stats: Agkuza, Centaur, Corvas, Cyngas, Dual Decurion, Fluctus, Grattler, Imperator, Imperator Vandal, Kaszas, Knux, Kuva Ayanga, Larkspur, Onorix, Phaedra, Prisma Veritux, Rathbone, Velocitus, Veritux
  • Updated Simulor & Synoid Simulor stats
  • Updated Twin Grakatas stats
  • Removed ability to use Stance forma on exalted weapons
    • Garuda talons can still use them per H27.4.3 patch
  • Updated Bolto stats
  • Updated Akbolto stats


  • Updated the following conclave mods to be usable in PvE: Rumbled, Prism Guard, Purifying Flames, Power of Three, Deceptive Bond, Singularity, Recharge Barrier, Purging Slash, Ambush Optics, Brain Storm, Directed Convergence, Focused Acceleration, Shrapnel Rounds, Skull Shots, Double Tap
    • Double Tap has text for non-PVP stats that are currently Text only.
  • Added the following augment mods
    • Rubble Heap
    • Abundant Mutation
    • Enraged
  • Added the following Nightwave Mods
    • Deadly Maneuvers
    • Dizzying Rounds
    • Precision Strike
  • Fixed Condition Overload mod that was not affecting the innate elemental combination damage on weapons
  • Updated the following mods to be Exilus
    • Hawk Eye
    • Ambush Optics


Known Issues

  • Snap Shot is not yet on the site. This will be in the next site update for U28.x when that is completed.
  • Double Tap isn't fully implemented for non-PVP stats


Thanks again for everyone reporting issues with the site, we are working as quickly as possible while doing our other responsibilities and obligations to get things on the site updated as fast as possible. I hope everyone of ya'll are staying safe from the ongoing world issues! Keep killing those new greedy corpus, Tenno!

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hey i have a question, in WB can you edit your riven with initial combo? bc i cant.

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Posted (edited)
On 2020-06-21 at 6:46 AM, tape_drive_TS1140 said:

Why do Arch-melee weapons have Kuva element setting at top?
Also, Cutting Edge got updated: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Cutting_Edge

Thanks for the report, seems something is broken in the script. It would otherwise be hidden from view. As for Cutting Edge it'll be added to the next site update. I'll see about making the bug on the arch-melee weapons be fixed on live, depending on what happens it may wait until next site update.

On 2020-06-25 at 4:18 PM, dardo93 said:

hey i have a question, in WB can you edit your riven with initial combo? bc i cant.

That value isn't there because it wasn't an option initially when Stoi did the riven system. I believe there are a few other things missing from rivens that they ended up adding or changing. Especially when it comes to melee due to the 3.0 changes and unknown riven changes at the time. Edit: Added this to our list for the next site update to verify all the riven options.

Edited by Kalbintion
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Posted (edited)

One thing i noticed for Baruuk's Desert wind modding is that there is a wrong polarity given by default. Desert wind has 2 madurai and 1 Vazarin symbol by default but the site shows 2 madurais and 1 naramon. I'd like to see this change as soon as possible 😄

Edit: I also noticed that melee exalted weapons like desert wind, exalted blade, garuda and valkyr talons have the ability to use accolyte mods like blood rush and weeping wounds, which shouldnt be the case because the game doesnt allow you to do so


Edited by iamahumanPrime

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I'm assuming adding Deadlock Protocol items and changes have been being worked on? (Protea, Xoris, etc.)

If so, we getting update sooner/later? Regardless no stress, ya'll been doing great work. Just want to know when I can start safely planning builds. Haha

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