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2 issues spotted.

Equilibrium is listed as rare but it is uncommon.

Dragging the equipped aura off it's slot and back again duplicates the bonus to mod allowance.

Hi, thanks for the report. Everything will be fixed in the next update, coming soon.

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But my Google translated some words from French to English on Warframe mods:


Infested Impedance - Obstacle Infested

Focus - Concentration

Radial Blind - Radial Blindness

Steel Charge - Load Steel

Rifle Amp - Gun Amplified

Shield Flux - RSS Shield

Handspring - Hands on spring

Parry - Parade

Enemy Sense - Perception of Enemies

Physique - Physical

Scavenger (mods) - Recovery

Quick Rest - Fast Break

Retribution - Consideration

Undying Will - Will Survival

Equilibrium - Balance

Narrow Minded - Narrow Spirit

Speed Holster - Fast Case

Slash Dash - Speed Momentum

Vigor - Strength

Sure Footed - Although Floor

Shock Absorbers - Fibre Shock

Quick Thinking - Thinking Fast

Diamond Skin - Skin Diamond

Provoked - Provocation

Energy Siphon - Power Sink

Overextended - Super-extended

Blind Rage - Blind Anger

Thief's Wit - Tip Thief



My goodness, Google. :l

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As another great feature to add in, but time-consuming, would be to see the final stats (mainly damage) for the warframe and weapon that was modded. That'd definitely would take awhile though, but I'd find it useful.

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As another great feature to add in, but time-consuming, would be to see the final stats (mainly damage) for the warframe and weapon that was modded. That'd definitely would take awhile though, but I'd find it useful.

This is gonna come soon for the weapons, you'll see everything you see in game and even more (damage, elemental combinations, punch through, damage vs faction, zoom...). This will need a lot of testing to get rid of the bugs which I did not found. Follow the topic to know when the update is released. For the Warframes, it's planned, and it's gonna be more something like a global report of what the mods are giving to your Warframe, independently of the Warframe and mods rank and stats.



But my Google translated some words from French to English on Warframe mods:

The English translation is comming soon, some people offered me their help, but it could go faster with one or two more persons.

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I just released the first major update. I made a lot of changes to the code and the database, so there could be some problems I didn't found. Please use this thread to report any problem you find. This includes translation mistakes, display errors, unexpected behavior, error messages. See the first post for the changelog.


You may also want to use F5 is something is not working to refresh the cache for the *.js files.

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Delai Critique and Frappe Tendue are missing translation of names (Critical Delay and Point Strike), their descriptions are fine though.



There's a problem with weapons which have only 1 elemental damage as base damage. The damage calculation is wrong if you add a mod with an elemental damage. This will be fixed soon.


Probably fixed, but need more testing.

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also when i hit translate page on chrome browser the leveling up cards feature breaks.

I also fixed this, it was because of the way Google modifies the source code when translating the page. You may have to use F5 for the changes to take effect.

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[uPDATE] January, 20th.
-Added Bows, Snipers, Shotguns and all the mods you could need for these weapons.
You could need to use F5 on the weapon builder page to refresh your cache.
[uPDATE] January, 18th.
-Language selection added.
-English language added. Thanks to the persons who helped for the translation. You can switch languages clicking the flags in the top right corner. If you already exported some builds, you better export them one more time to get the new link. Builds exported with the new version will be translated to the user language when he'll click on the link to see the build. The language will be stored in a cookie, be sure your browser can accept them.
-Rifles and rifles mods added. All informations about the effect of installed mods should be displayed to the right. This includes damage, elemental combinations, critical and status chances, accuracy, rate of fire, reload, magazine, multishot, punch through, damage vs faction, and many more. Weapons stats are the stats from the Wiki.
-The remaining points will be calculated correctly when loading a build.
-Added a counter to see how much formas you need for the build.
-Added a field to filter mods by name or partial name.
-Equilibrium is now an uncommon mod.
-Dragging and dropping an aura mod a second time into the aura slot won't give you more points.
-Exporting a previously loaded build will give you the correct link.
-The vertical scrollbar won't show for no reasons when exporting the build or changing a polarity.
-Added a link to this thread to report any problems you find.
More weapons and mods will be added when the application will be bugs free.
If you ever want to translate the application to your language, send me a private message. Please note that a full translation is needed and it could take some time.
first of all, I'm french, so please excuse my english. So, here's a project I've been working on for the last weeks, a Warframe Builder, or at least, a beta version of a Warframe Builder.
The idea is pretty simple, emulate the in-game interface in your web browser and give you the opportunity to create builds for Warframes and weapons and share them with others. I called it beta version, because actually, you only have the possibility to create builds for Warframes, and everything is in french. More languages and weapons builds will come in the future.
As the first working release, it could not work as expected sometimes. I made a lot of tests, but it was small scale tests. Larger scale tests should help to find the last problems. That's what I'm looking for now, before I can add the rest. Here are the current possibilities :
- Create builds for all the Warframes
- Use formas and Orokin reactors
- Equip all mods and set their rank
- Sort mods to find them easily
- Export your build to share it
It's also very simple to use. I'll add a help button later in the application.
- To set the level of the warframe, just click on the current level and type the value you want
- To add or remove an orokin reactor, click on the icon to toggle it
- To add, change or remove a polarity, click the forma, and after the slot you want (the slot must be empty)
- To equip a mod, simply drag it to a slot. You can switch equiped mods or a mod from the lsit with an equiped mod
- To remove a mod, double click on it
- To set the rank of a mod, move the mouse over to see the + and - buttons on the right side of the mod
- You can scroll the list of the mods with the mousewheel only when you are over the scrollbar. Using the scrollbar arrows 'top' and 'bottom' will scroll an entire page.
The application should work on these up to date browsers. There's no support for older versions or other browsers :
- Chrome (recommended)
- Internet Explorer
- Safari
- Firefox
As I said before, I want to get rid of all the problems. If you encounter any problem, please post here and describe the problem so I can try to fix it. In the near future, I'll probably need some help for the translation in other languages. If you are interested in helping or supporting me, for the translation or for any other thing, please leave a word here too.
The most important thing now, the link :
And here's an exported Rhino build I made for testing
Have fun.


Thanks & Great Work done. I really appreciate for you making this as it's easier to give me a better understanding for applying formas on warframes & weapons.

Hats off to you, Sir. 


Thanks again. 8).

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Woo! Now I can confirm how many forma I need for my Tigris build... hang on, where's the Poison/Status mod?  ;)


Stuff that I have spotted:

 - Mutation de Munitions de Fusil a Pompe needs name translated to Shotgun Ammo Mutation.

 - Chambre amorcee needs name translated to Primed Chamber.

 - Chambre chargee needs name translated to Charged Chamber and image corrected.  Currently has image of the shotgun mod Charged Shell/Cartouche Chargee, should have same picture as Primed Chamber/Chambre amorcee.

 - Toxic Barrage/Barrage Toxique is missing from shotgun mods.

 - Rifle Ammo Mutation/Mutation de Munition de Fusil appears in mods available to Bows and Sniper Rifles.


Keep up the good work!  I will be recommending this to my friends.  Cheers.

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