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Loss Of Mission Rewards


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If you are playing missions and the host leaves, the host server migrates to someone who is still playing. Cool. Only problem is all the mods/resources you got with the other host disappear. This happens a lot in defense missions where one person wants out. When the host migrates it seems like the mission resets basically, all the containers respawn, and "chests" refill, and more significantly all your physical mission earnings go bye bye. Really frustrating, please fix.

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This is what just happened to me.

Europa->Eligor (Defense)

in the first 10 rounds Ihad picked up at least 7 mods and when the system said we could extract or stay the host chose to leave. WHen the host left it booted everyone from the game and as a result I did not get any of my picked up mods or EXP out of it.

This is the second time that when a host leaves a game, any type, it says it is migrating but then just drops the mission.

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