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Questions About Charge/melee Attack Mechanics



Can't really find any in depth answer about melee weapons or charge attacks in game or on the wiki. I have a Loki and a variety of melee weapons, but I want to know what I should mod.

Can charge attacks in general (from Paris, or melee weapons) crit? If so, are they affected by +crit damage mods and +charge damage mods? Or just one or the other. Basically, I want to know if when I'm in invisability if I should be charge attacking or spaming regular attacks to max damage.

Do charge attack values change with +melee damage mods? Ie, do charge attacks just do a certain % of the weapon damage? Or do they have their own value?

Also, does anyone know what crit damage is base without mods? 150%? 200?

Thanks for helping a noob.

TLDR: Can charge attacks be empowered by anything other than charge damage mods?

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All I know is that meelee damage and charged-meelee damage are separate and have separate mods, this also applies to speed. Before U7 you'd idealy take a weapon that is good for either charging or normal meelee and mod it accordingly. However now you can only have 1 mod of each type on your weapon so 'one-sided' modding isn't as good anymore, instead you could eventually max out both normal and charged meelee damage and speed on the same weapon occupying 4 modslots, though if you still choose to only focuse on eaither normal or charged it will be a bit more efficient because you will have more slots for elemetal damage, criticals ect.

Though I'd personaly wait to see is the fusion prices drop, so you got lots of time to plan stuff out.

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