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Now Let's Get Serious Tenno's!


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We all know tenno work hard everyday but what the hell they do during break time?Well I got a solution for this and it's called WarFARMVILLE (cheesy name but we can change it around).

So what WarFARMVILLE you say? well it's a minigame where tenno take a break from slaughtering innoncent people and they actually do some productivity ; They FARM!

You say this isn't facebook? I say this game needs some farming simulator .Farm potatoes to fusion mods in my barn and milk the damn grineer .

How will the game play :

1-When you got to the main menu there will be a new planet called The Farmlands every tenno's get a basic plot and they can trade there vegetables with other tenno's !

2- Tenno's and there farm have a low drop rate for fusion cores when they take there fully grow vegetables as a bonus!

3-Tenno's need to go in there plot to water plants , give them treaty as needed and they grow in real time !

4-Tenno's can build a barn or add unecessary ecoration to there farm!

5-They can also grow tree's (apple's tree by exemple)

6-To go endgame people will need to drop real life hard cash ingame to get the better loot or it will take day's to weeks before the golden potato grows fully!

7-Tenno's can equip farmer equipement!

8-Spam you're tenno's friends with request to help you're farm!

9-You may also sell you're potatoes to other people or ingame because we all know grineer needs to be fed before the slaughtering!

10-Make sure that the farm are super simple or else people will cry!


Now this minigame is revolutionnary and DE needs to implement this ASAP oh and do not forget to credit me thank you because we all know you will make millions of dollars with the mother and grandmothers coming to make there new 3D farm!

Now people this is a serious suggestion that needs to be put NOW so Let's discuss about other features that I might forgot !

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Too long and trying too hard.

I don't know about you I wasn't trying hard at all!

But if you read carefully this pretty sums up the whole new mod 2.0 system.

The mod 2.0 is great but there a couple of issues tha I think everyone have and do have a common aproach for the facebook game farmville

Here a few things I want to list :

-The grinding aspect is or as terrible like farmville both timewise and luck wise

- Pay to get more lucky ( the decks) Farmville to have a same feature of paying to get better/lucky with you're drops

-Selling mods is worthless both good mods (decent cards) then crappy ones almost like farmville where decent crops can be worthless to sell

Now now I know gamers take everything seriously but it's just another way to compare a game to another "game" both have similar problems but in a fun way I tried to describe that way hah! sorry people for insulting you

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Don't know if I should be laughing or crying

Do both XD

As for the system, I think it's a bit rediculous for you to even think of a Farm on Warframe... who has time to farm stuff when they're out there killing all the Corpus and Grineer (including Infected). If anything that should be added as a plot idea would be a base house where you can decorate and have chats with friends between missions so that there is a little breakroom :L

People have thought of Clan bases... but players that always solo should have their own base or room that can be decorated a bit for some nice chat space.

Anyways... Reason why this wouldn't be added is because if it was that expensive as you say, no one would bother to do it if they have to sit next to their computer for days on end to just get 1 thing finished. Only kind of person who would do that is someone with No Job, no school, and a lot of excess time (Call as you will people... i won't say what you're thinking).

1/10 (since people are making a rating on this)

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