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Failed Mastery Mission Due To Enemies Running Away.


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So for rank two mastery you have to do a melee trial, fair enough I thought, until the enemies started running off the edge of the map into an endless white void, and any time I tried to chase them I got teleported back to the start.

And since I couldn't kill the enemies because I couldn't reach them (due to them running away, and then disaperaing alltogether), I failed the test, and now I have to wait another 24 hours. Which is lame.

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New test=new bugs :D

Of course new bugs... what kind of update isn't complete without bugs?

Every time I play Skyrim on Xbox, I always find at least 20 bugs before i get off... weither it is a Dragon stuck in the ground (where I can't kill it but I can just run away from its stuck area) or a town which can't jail but they can stop you every 10 seconds and you can't aggro/kill them. It's crazy with all the crazyness in all games :L

Never think a game can go without bugs because they're like parasites, hide until you least expect them and then just mess it up completely.

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