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3 - 4 Warframe Level Intro


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The only Problem i have is that there are no, 3 or 4 player level intro's

i love alot about this game

and it annoys me when i see my two friends drop in

and i kinda just teleport in after the scene..I want to feel hype when i start the mission, and instead i am left feeling meh.

is anyone certain they are going to add 3 and four player level intro support?

I'd just really like to see this in the future, it might seem a bit silly, but the drop in at the beginning of a mission looks so bad &#!, it's ruined by the lack of animation for the third and fouth warframe.

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Lol I just tryin to explain it as they're already there and you two and just wasting time trying to be secretive.

"while you two were trying to be all cool and ninja-like going through the ventalation, We came in the back door. We were waiting here for you guys for 2 hours! 2 F***ING HOURS!!"

All jokes aside it would be good to see animations for players 3 and 4.

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