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Hotfix 11.7.3


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Hotfix 11.7.3



- Added clarity and exposure to the Stalker/Harvester Systems in game. Two things to note here:

   - When you become eligible to be hunted by either foe, you will know… you will be contacted ... look out. 
   - If you are already eligible, their contact cycle will begin once you have faced them and re-qualify.
- The Harvester’s methods of securing specimens for Alad V have increased in sophistication, look out or you might get... harvested. 



- Changes to text rendering: added drop shadow to chat text so that it's more legible in-game.

- Loki can no longer Switch-Teleport Raptor boss.

Changes to the Nightmare Alert structure:

   - No more 5% chance of Optional Nightmare (was incorrectly announced Wednesday 1/15/2014 – we’ve changed it)
   - NOW: There will be 10 nightmare alerts "per cycle", one for each original nightmare mod.
   - When the Alert is up, it will appear as "Nightmare Mod Located"; the type of mod will be displayed in the Alert info popup.
   - The mission does not have an option, must be played in Nightmare to acquire the Mod indicated.
   - No shields is always the nightmare modifier.
   - These alerts will also be worth double the credits that would normally be given for an alert mission on the selected node.


Continued tweaks to Continuous Fire weapons:

- Damage is now applied initially at 1/10th of a second instead of 1/3rd of a second, meaning that responsiveness on trigger-pull should be improved.



- Fixed squad remaining full even though a player crashed/lost connection during gameplay.

- Fixed Extractors showing wrong health values.

- Fixed issue where Capture target could perma-death himself and prevent mission completion.

- Fixed hitch in the Dojo whenever a room with lots of decorations is refreshed.

- Fixed “rogue, giant water planes in the Void”.

- Fixed hosts being able to consume the same Void key that was used to initiate the lobby when building a Derelict Dragon key in the Foundry.

- Fixed death-trap in Orokin derelicts (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/161621-a-terrible-trap-in-derelicts/)

- Fixed a case where game could hang when aborting a public mission as Host.

- Fixed crash that could occur after bleeding out and entering spectator mode.


Elusive Redtext posted with permission and captured by Momaw:



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Wow, those are some interesting changes. I really appreciate that we will have clearer indications for things like Stalker and Harvester.


As always, thanks for all the fixes.

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